Communion for the home bound


I recently started taking communion to a few elderly women in our parish, who are no longer able to attend mass. Its been pretty uncomfortable for me. I’m not very comfortable with ppl I don’t know well, I’m not vey comfortable with the elderly, I feel weird administering communion, since I’m not a priest. I mean, I’m an EMHC at church, but I feel mostly ok about that, since I have the oversight of the priest, deacons, etc. I don’t know. I guess I just wish that there were enough priests to do it. On the other hand, if I don’t do it, I’m not sure if these ladies would be able to receive, and I would long for the Eucharist if I were in their position. Should I throw in the towel, or suck it up?


I think you know what the answer is, clearly you are providing a wonderful gift to these ladies you are bringing them Christ! Jesus knows your heart and that you feel uncomfortable and uneasy about doing this.

Something must have inspired you to say “yes” when you were originally asked to do this. Pray that the same Holy Spirit that inspired you to say “yes” will go with you and help you get through your feelings of being uncomfortable. You have heard the saying “leaving your comfort zone” and obviously you have been called to do this. Instead of seeing this as a burden, why not see is this as a potential opportunity to grow in grace and virtue? Jesus never said that serving him was going to be a piece of cake…many Christians are called to do very heroic and unimaginable things. Jesus knows this is hard for you, ask him for his help he won’t let you down!

God bless you for what you are doing you are a generous and loving person and I will be praying for you.


Keep doing it. Please!

I, too, am not a people person. I also felt uncomfortable at first. You are doing it for the right reasons. You arent doing it because you are sociable and enjoy meeting people. You are doing it because God called you and you said yes.

Look at it this way–it’s temporary until someone else can do it. But I bet you will grow to realize the blessings you are receiving by going out of your way to bring communion to these ladies and you will want to continue doing it.

Praying for you… :signofcross:


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