Communion givers must hate me


I keep noticing things that have certainly changed in the mass since the 80’s. Now that I’m back at church, everyone seems to take communion in their hands. I still stick out my tongue. Communion givers must hate me, because I am literally the only one in the Church that does not receive the host in my hand. I actually had a priest pause and look at my clasped hands like I forgot something as I stood there with my tongue out.

I guess I’m an old fuddy duddy, but I don’t like touching the host. I wonder if someday the communion giver gets so flustered that he/she misses my tongue and the host flutters to the floor. Then they’ll wish the altar servers were there with the little metal plate under my chin (that also seems to have gone away with the bells that I miss)!


I’m a big proponent of paying attention to your own self. You likely not the only one–a good number of mothers and fathers with wiggly babies and toddlers in hand often receive on the tongue even in the most modern churches. I will often go to the priest in this case as they are the only ones allowed to give blessings to children and they are typically better capable of giving on the tongue.


If only, I love bells!


lol k bells are fun. i dont blame ya.


Communion in the hand was born out of disobedience. Rome did not want it but could not put an end to it. In the end, Rome granted permission. Nevertheless, communion on the tongue is still the normal way to receive.

Communion in the hand is not the preferred way to receive communion. In my opinion, this method makes it more likely that the Eucharist will be treated with disrespect. I’ve personally witnessed people put the Holy Eucharist in their pocket. I’ve also seen a person take the Eucharist to their pew and give it to somebody else.

Mother Theresa lamented communion in the hand. I do too. It weakens faith in the Real Presence and makes desecration easier.


You are not alone. I receive on the tongue. My priest seems not to mind though.


A properly trained Extraordinary Minster of the Eucharist will have no problem giving Communion on the tongue, so long as the receiver cooperates

Tilt your head slightly back, open your mouth and stick out your tongue. Very simple, but it seems that many don’t do those things.
In my experience, people fail to open their mouth wide enough, and not stick out their tongues,.


In my area, people receive both ways, and we have never discontinued the use of the paten. The altar server holds the paten either under the chin or under the hand of the communicant depending on which way they receive.


A lot of people in our parish receive on the tongue, and for the first 10 years after I converted, so did I. Then it got to where there were regular near-oopsies. So I went to receiving in the hand. Much safer. As for the debate – not my circus . . . you know the rest. The Church says it’s okay; therefore, it’s okay.



St. Teresa said no such thing. Her order has said as much numerous times. If you don’t want to receive in the hand don’t. Do not disparge the method though, it is allowed, and the choice is up to the communicant. One way is no better or more holy than the other. It s our interior disposition that matters.


Without getting into the hand v. tongue thing, plenty of non- traditionalists still receive on the tongue. Some examples I see are a parent with a child in their arms, or an elderly person who doesn’t trust their hand control or is leaning on a walker, or someone who is disabled. It’s not unusual and the priest probably just has to stop and get his pattern adjusted.


Communion on the tongue is far better. Books have been written on this subject. It is an historical fact that Rome did not want communion in the hand but had to allow it because people refused to obey. The practice started as an abuse, continued in disobedience, and makes sacreligious acts possible.


Exactly. I am not terribly comfortable with communion on the tongue, and speaking to several other moms of squirmy little ones, neither are they. Yet we all receive on the tongue because…kids. I, again, prefer to go to the Priest because he seems more ‘with it’ and able to act on his feet. EM’s often get nervous because they lack the experience or frequency a Priest distributes with.


This is why a paten should always be used.

Communion in the hand is not safer. As I said earlier, I witnessed the theft of the Holy Eucharist when I was an adolescent. I’ve never forgotten it. When I eventually learned that one could receive on the tongue, I switched to that method. I don’t think it’s safe to allow people to handle Our Lord in his most vulnerable state. It breaks my heart to think that so many fragments fall to the ground to be trodden under foot.


One of my issues with communion on the tongue is that the persons, especially the non-priests, who distribute it at the regular (not TLM) Masses often don’t seem to have been very well trained to do it. You get people putting their fingers into your mouth, or putting the Host in your mouth in a way that feels like they’re putting a quarter in a coin slot. Priests usually do better, but it seems like it works much better when folks are kneeling at a communion rail so the priest is always reaching down, rather than him having to reach up for taller people and down for shorter people.


I totally agree with this. I never received in the hand once I researched the history. When I attend the OF, I do my best to make sure I’m in the priest’s Communion line. The EMHC don’t seem comfortable when I receive from them and struggle to do it properly so I avoid them. Mind, I’d like to see the use of EMHC limited to those Masses when it is actually needed.


You need to stop!:rage:
The Church would not allow something if it felt it was wrong.
Either way is acceptable and that is the end of it. The Church has spoken. Your opinion on the matter is of no consequence.


I prefer to recieve on the tongue because I don’t trust myself not to drop it at my age.


I’m sorry my posts have made you angry. What I have written is true. Do the research. The Church allowed communion in the hand because it couldn’t be stopped: it is the fruit of disobedience. You might not like the truth, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

Nevertheless, it is now authorised and you’re free to do it. As for myself, I’ll do what was traditionally done for the reasons it was done.


The Church, the Holy See , the Magisterium is guided by the Holy Spirit.

Are people really going to disagree and argue with Jesus, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, over receiving the Eucharist? After all the first Eucharist was bread broken by hand, the hand of Jesus, and passed around to all in the Upper Room.

And then the Chalice, the Cup of blood. Why no dispute about touching the Chalice, a sacred vessel


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