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so i recentlyhave become interested in attending different masses. i went to an iraqi mass last week and received communion. this week i found out iraqis are something called monophysites. did i commit a mortal sin by receiving their communion? was it even validly consecrated, i couldn’t understand if they said the words of consecration since i don’t speak iraqian. what should i do?


Er, can you tell us the name of the church? It makes a big difference.

But first, no, you did not commit mortal sin. Even if the matter was grave, grave SIN requires knowledge and willingness as well.

So I’m guessing that the church you went to was Oriental Orthodox, which are called monophysite, which I think is actually not true about them at all. Perhaps, however, they are among the sui iuris churches that are part of the Catholic communion. If the latter, you are free to attend and receive communion there, because they are Catholic and in full communion with the Pope.

But probably they’re not. So you can’t receive. Check and confirm. If they are Oriental Orthodox, I believe their sacraments are valid, just like Assyrian and Eastern Orthodox (not Protestants, though). What that means, if true, is that you can’t receive outside of a serious emergency (you got shot on their porch and needed the Anointing of the Sick or Holy Communion).

Edit: please fact check me to make sure it’s true you can attend any sui iuris Catholic churches just as you would a Latin rite.

My friend, there is no language called “Iraqian,” and eastern Christians do not call their liturgy “Mass,” that is a western term.

Some Iraqi Christians, such as the Chaldean Catholics, are in communion with the Catholic Church and some are not. We should identify the Church and ask whether they are in communion with Rome before we take communion.

they were speaking iraqian because they were all from iraq. and what difference does it make? any of those churches = not the real church. i hope this doesnt count as apostasy.

Since you haven’t responded to the poster who asked for the name of the church, we don’t know that.

It makes a lot of difference. Eastern Christianity is quite broad, and it may or may not have been one of the Eastern Rite Catholic Churches or an Orthodox Church in communion with Rome.

Actually in Iraq they mostly speak Arabic.

There are a number of Christian churches in Iraq, some in communion with Rome and some not. You would have to be more specific about the church you attended before anyone could tell you if it is Catholic or not.

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