Communion in both species kneeling?


I’m just curious if anyone has done this, or seen it done?


Only in the Episocpal church.


The Anglican Use parish does it and I have received Communion in such a manner there.


Approx. 1-2 weeks after my Baptism I received communion by intinction, kneeling at an altar rail in a huge cathedral in downtown Houston, administered by the hand of a priest who had been ordained before the 1970 liturgical reform and who still celebrated the extraordinary form of the Mass once a Sunday. That was just an ordinary form Mass anyway, a Vigil Mass. But I will never forget it.


I would be interested in knowing how this is done both safely and reverently. I would think that giving the cup to a kneeling person, given the degree of bending involved, and amount of Precious Blood present, could be risky and spill-prone – and even more so if an altar rail is present, given that the cup could hit against the rail either on its way down or way up.


There is no such risk. Just touch the base to stabilize it and provide some tactile feedback and take a very small sip.


It’s the normal way in our parish. But then, the Eucharist is received intincted

That is a reception of both species


We Lutherans do it kneeling - it’s easy to do with dignity and without chance of spilling the blood:

The chalice is held very sturdily by the pastor and is only filled half-way up - the communicant usually gently holds the pastor’s arms and brings their mouth to the rim. The pastor then gently tips a small amount of blood into the mouth - a small sip.

The key is to have kneelers and an altar rail - it give a steadiness that’s quite needed.

If you look closely, you can see a padded place for your knees and the top of the rail is large enough that you can really steady yourself.


But the question was giving someone the cup whilst kneeling. Surely intinction is a different issue as the cup - as opposed to the Blood - is not given.


I receive kneeling at our parish, which uses intinction.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone kneeling while receiving the cup, but maybe a bride and groom would do it at their kneeler at a wedding. I can’t remember specifically seeing this at a Catholic nuptial Mass, though.


I’ve never received both forms kneeling, only the host at the Extraordinary Form. I normally receive both species at Ordinary Form standing up. I’ve yet to go to an Eastern Catholic Church to see how it is done.


Why would it hit the rail? Why would it be spill prone? The chalice is given to the communicant to drink from. How low does it have to go? You hold out your hands, the chalice is placed in them and you bring it to your lips. They do it with no problem at the local Anglican parish.

I think if you can manage to stand at a bar and get your drink without spilling it you should be able to manage to kneel at the rail and receive Communion from the Chalice without spilling it.


In the Byzantine Rite Churches, we do not kneel on Sundays or from Easter to Pentecost. We receive the Eucharist by intinction of by a spoon. We never kneel to receive the Eucharist because there is a chance of knocking into the Chalice while getting up. We are also not supposed to Cross ourselves while standing before the Chalice for the same reason. :slight_smile:


Absolutely! :thumbsup: :slight_smile: If the Anglicans and Lutherans can do it, I really don’t see why this is such an issue.


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