Communion more than once?


just a quick question, I know the second time you take communion in a day has to be at mass. can the first time be at mass as well? for example, if I go to a vigil mass on Saturday and to another mass on sunday? does that count as one day?


Yes, it can be at Mass. No, going to Mass on Saturday evening and then again sometime on Sunday is not receiving twice in one day.



This is not an example. Saturday and Sunday are not one day, they are two different days. You would be receiving communion once on Saturday and once on Sunday.

If you went to daily Mass on Saturday morning and then fulfilled your Sunday obligation on Saturday evening, that would be two masses in one day. And yes, you could receive at both.


ok, that makes sense

I think I was getting it confused because the vigil counts for sunday obligation since it is technically the same liturgical day


If you’ve satisfied your obligation at one Mass, you don’t need another. But if you feel it gives you spiritual advantage or you want to attend both an OF and an EF or something like that, then by all means go. And if you’re properly disposed, then you can receive communion at each of the two.


Well, the liturgical day is also midnight to midnight, but the celebration begins for Solemnities on the previous day (unless transferred).


That wasn’t how the dominici dei (Lord’s Day) was defined, but I’m not challenging the definition of day as defined by Canon Law as it does allow for exceptions. Or previous day, for that matter.


The liturgy of Sunday is dominici dei which begins to be celebrated on the prior day, both canonical and liturgical.


Except the liturgy of Sunday isn’t necessary to fulfill the obligation.


Oops, that should be Dies Domini.


Angel, sometimes a person attends a wedding or funeral on Saturday, and then attends the Sunday vigil mass later. It is proper to receive communion at both liturgies, even though on the same day. Some of our parishioners attend our 8:30 daily morning mass and then sing in the funeral choir later the same day, so they may receive twice also.

If we understood the immense spiritual value of a mass, we would not hesitate to attend as often as possible and offer it for the many intentions in our heart, and also for the Church. “May the Lord accept the sacrifice at your hands … for our good and the good of all His holy Church.” Remember?


What if an altar server serves at two different Masses on Sunday?
Would the priest object to the server receiving the Eucharist at each Mass?


There is no reason he should object. Twice in a day is perfectly fine.


Everyone has mentioned it is ok to receive communion twice in one day.

My local Cathedral celebrates mass 5 times on a Sunday, if you went to each mass could you receive communion each time? So is there a specific limit?


The rule as I understand it is that twice reception is the limit within the same “day,” provided the second time is within a complete Mass and you are properly disposed both times (having fasted, no mortal sins, etc.)

You may receive again as Viaticum.

No limit to how many times you can go to Mass.


Twice if you are a Latin Catholic and not a priest, or in the danger of death. A dubium on CIC Canon 917 was answered:Doubt: Whether, according to canon 917, one who has already received the Most Holy Eucharist may receive it again on the same day only a second time, or as often as one participates in the celebration of the
Eucharist. Response: Affirmative to the first; negative to the second. AAS 76, (1984) 746]

It is more complex for Latin Catholic priests because they must receive when celebrating a Mass, which can be more than twice:

CIC Can. 905
§1. A priest is not permitted to celebrate the Eucharist more than once a day except in cases where the law permits him to celebrate or concelebrate more than once on the same day.
§2. If there is a shortage of priests, the local ordinary can allow priests to celebrate twice a day for a just cause, or if pastoral necessity requires it, even three times on Sundays and holy days of obligation.

The eastern Catholic canon law (CCEO) has no canon limiting reception and indeed, frequent daily Divine Liturgy is not normal.


Thanks for all your responses, as I was just curious, not that I would have much opportunity to go twice or more to mass in one day. However I do recall going to a lot of masses in one week (holidays) as a child when I was an alter server, can’t remember if I received communion more than once in one day.


If it was 50 years ago, you probably would have seen many not receiving at all, much less twice in one day. The 3hr fast before Mass alone would have discouraged many.

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