Communion of Saints


Does the word “saints” in the Communion of Saints refer to the broad usage of “saint” (all of God’s faithful). Surely, there is no “saint” on Earth using the ordinary usage (canonized saint). I need to explain this to someone I know who thinks that the “saint” in Communion of Saints means we are all as holy as the canonized saints because we are part of the Communion of Saints. I think she is wrong, because there are canonized saints in the communion of saints, but there is also the poor souls in purgatory, and the faithful here on Earth.


It’s the broader meaning–the communion of the saints is that unity between the faithful on earth and those in Heaven (and those being purified before Heaven too).

Here’s the section from the Catechism on this:


It refers to the Church Militant (the Church on Earth), the Church Suffering (the Church in Purgatory) and the Church Triumphant (the Church in Heaven.) We are all in communion.


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