Communion of saints


Could someone please explain to me how the “communion of saints” works and how it is proven? Thank you.


Check this out.


For a good introduction to the teaching on the Communion of Saints, please click [/font]

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The Communion of Saints
The Communion of Saints: Biblical Overview
: A Biblical Primer on the Communion of SaintsCloud of Witnesses
Dialogue On Objections to the Communion of Saints
A Protestant Asks about the Communion of Saints
FAQ’s about Saints
, and Christ’s MediationDeut. 18
Common Questions and Concerns Regarding the Communion of Saints
Fun Facts about Saints


Still Members of the Body
Mystical Body of the Church
Saints: Holy Siblings
All in the Family: The Communion of Saints
Saints: Our Unseen Prayer Partners
The Communion of Saints: Dead or Alive in Christ?
Saints Alive!

Do Catholics Worship Saints?
Praying to the Saints
Saint Worship?
Praying to Saints
Why Do Catholics Pray to Saints?
Why Do We Honor the Saints?
(Honor), and Veneration of the Saints*Latria **Dulia *
Saint Worship…Or Is It?

The Intercession of the Saints
“Witnesses” of Heb 12:1
Intercession of Saints
Intercession and Invocation of the Saints: How Is It Different from Magic?
Can Those in Heaven Hear Our Prayers?
Does the Intercession of the Saints Interfere with the Mediatorship of Christ?
Answering Objections to the Intercession of the Saints

Statues and Icons
Veneration of Images
Do Catholics Worship Statues?
Exposition on the Veneration of Images, Iconoclasm, and Idolatry
Sacred Art
The Protestant “Graven Images” Honoring Mary and the Saints
“Graven Images” in the King James Version
The Sin of Idolatry and the Catholic Concept of Iconic Participation
The Role of Statues in Church
The Biblical Reasons Why Statues and Icons are Okay

Saints and Intercessory Prayer
Images, Statues, Relics, and Holy Water
“Saints” in the Bible
Guardian Angels
Angels in the Bible


Patrick madrid’s book “Any Friend of God is a Friend of Mine,” is excellent on this topic.


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