Communion on the Tongue- a very vaild reason!

My wife recently informed me that in her last women’s group meeting that the topic of communion on the tongue or in the hand came up. We belong to a very traditional parish where most receive on the tongue. The other ladies mentioned that most of their members of their parish receive in the hand and expressed that they wish they didn’t because…they have had Satanic groups come to their Masses incognito so they could carry away the hosts for black masses!! Has anyone heard of this in their neck of the woods?

They have a technique of getting the Host out even if they received on the tongue. I mean, they didn’t start existing just in recent history where CITH was used in the Roman Catholic Church. So Communion on the tongue unfortunately won’t deter such group.

Right. COTT is probably more useful at deterring abuse from those who don’t know better, i.e., who walk up, are given commuion, don’t know what to do with it, stuff it in their pockets, and walk away. I hear this happens a lot at weddings when one side of the family isn’t Catholic.

For people determined to abuse the Eucharist, there probably isn’t much that can be done to deter them, consistent with the duty of charity, anyway.

communion on the tongue is better because it helps avoid situations where Christ is going to be dispresected or mishandled in some way. People may have dirty hands, people may have children in their hands causing it be a strange situation, and also it prevents people from taking the host away, well most people at-least. This devil think I suspect would be rare I would hope. But tongue will prevent bad things from happening to our lord and savior.

We don’t need to scare or scandalize people into the reception of a sacrament.

It’s all about the percentages. It’s much more likely to happen if in the hand.

Exactly. It’s not impossible to abuse COTT. Or kneeling, for that matter.

I’ve heard of this as well, though I don’t know if it’s as common as some people fear it is. I hope not, but probably few people if any have enough information about world-wide Satanism to be able to give more than a guess.

There’s another possibility too, though, which is that a more or less well-meaning but misguided Catholic may take the host home for private devotions.

Also, particularly at things like Papal masses, it seems there are incidents like people taking home hosts as souvenirs, or later selling them.

How does one know a person is a member of a satanic group especially if they are coming incognito?

Then you can back this up with actual statistics? If not then it is a supposition on your part.

Perhaps a solution to this would be to require that the communicant chew up the Sacred Host and swallow it before they are allowed to walk away?

So a lot of things can happen in a Mass. A person can trip over a communion rail, or get arthritis in the knees, or a chunk of gothic arcade can fall on one in an earthquake. The Blessed Sacrament can be abused in any form which the Church allows Holy Communion to occur in, and by any member of the parish.

It is better to keep one’s eyes on the Who rather than upon the whom or any other inconsequentiality or triviality or scandal or needless worry, and let the Church do its job without placing undue burdens upon others.

Will there also be a requirement to open ones mouth for a mouth-monitor to inspect? Look for the freedom of the sons of God, and not for piling pharisaic burdens upon oneself or others.

I think it is a bunch of bunk made up by people who want to force everyone else to do things their way.

I wish we would take half the energy put into worrying about such nonsense and put it into trying to spend just one day living as Jesus wants us to live.


If there is anyone witnessing anyone else carrying away the hosts, he or she should report this matter to the priest or bishop. Forget trying to label them as Satanic. This is a serious matter and is grounds for excommunication.

I think of all the reasons people give, this is probably the least valid. People have been taking the host out of their mouths for centuries and taking them home for whatever reason, to give to others, to adore at home, etc. It is not that hard to do–I watched someone do it once. Slick as a whistle–from mouth to shirt pocket before you could blink–I happened to look up at the right time. (And it was duly reported).

Because said parishes have caught them doing it.

Nope. And yes, it’s supposition on my part, based on common sense.

ProVobis, I wasn’t trying to label anyone. This has been/is a problem that has been definitely identified by the respective parish priests based on past incidents.

My intent was not trying to scare anyone or cause scandal, but apparently it is something that can happen. I apologize if I offended anyone.

Like I said, Satanic cults have existed for a long time. Using them as an argument against CITH is useless because they have been doing this way before. There is no percentages to it as ByzCath has said. These kinds of people will do whatever it takes to accomplish their goal.

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