Communion on the tongue making a come back?

On Palm Sunday I caught the end of the Papal Mass on EWTN and noticed the priests distributing communion on the tongue and correcting people who came up with their hands held out in front of them.

Does anyone think this discipline is coming back and what would have to happen for it to take effect?


It has always existed…I always receive on the tongue…for the last 27 years…

I receive on the tongue as well but it’s a choice I make. If I attended a Papal Mass my choice would be to receive on the tongue or to not receive at all. So I guess my question would be better phrased by saying, does anyone think communion in the hand will be gotten rid of?

CITH, where allowed, is probably not going away anytime soon.

At Vatican masses, I believe that all are required to receive on the tongue to prevent profanation of the Eucharist. Far too many people may see it as a “souvenir” of being at a Papal Mass rather than the Body, Blood, Soul & Divinity of Jesus Christ.

I think on the tongue is really the only way to go. However, there are cultural issues around one person placing an object in another person’s mouth, whatever the context. I do not, however, think that in the hand makes it a “souvenir of Mass,” as long as the community is respectful and acknowledges the significance of it.

And that is not what I said, or implied when I used the word “souvnier”.

I said that the Vatican forbids CITH so that no one is “tempted” to make a souvenir out of Communion. If someone really wanted to profane the Eucharist, CITH/COTT would not matter, they would find a way

Actually this is a new development in the Papal Mass. Pope Benedict started doing it in 2009 and it made waves and Pope Francis kept doing it and took it a step further by instructing every Priest at his Masses to distribute communion only on the tongue.

And I’ve also noticed a marked increase in comments from Cardinals and Bishops on the matter and it just seemed to me that there seems to be momentum in the communion on tongue only direction.

I just came into the church.

Throughout my whole formation I had planned on receiving in the hand as most of my parish does.

The day of the Vigil, our faith formation director taught us how to receive either in the hand or on the tongue.

He said both ways are perfectly legitimate, but he prefers the tongue because he does not like to lick his hand.

He said, since we believe every particle and molecule if that host becomes Christ, you can’t just go and dust your hands off. People do and should lick their hand to ensure every particle is consumed.

I had not thought of that before.

So I received on the tongue and plan on continuing to do so!

I pray it makes a comeback in my parish, where I have seen children waving the Blessed Sacrament around in their hands after returning to their pews, and there used to be lots of hosts on the pews in the back of the church after mass (thank God, this seems to have stopped).

Deo Gratias! I pray so!


It’s funny…at our archdiocese, communion on the tongue is actually somewhat discouraged for sanitation reasons. So it’s definitely not making a comeback here.

My husband doesn’t care…he feels it’s legitimate either way. I’m not Catholic yet so I don’t think I’m qualified to comment :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not engaging in this thread, but quite by accident, I happened to catch a bit of the Easter Vigil broadcast from St Peter’s, including communion. I can’t be the only one who noticed, but it didn’t surprise me one bit to see what looked for all the world (to my eye, at least) like quite a few CITHs there. . :shrug:

Then why at the Papal Mass on Holy Thursday did some receive Communion in the hand and others on the tongue ?

It is indeed, a matter of choice, however, it is not a hill worth dying on, as long as the body of Christ is received with due reverence. If the Holy Father, or a simple parish priest, expresses his desire for me to receive it one way or another, I will obediently abide.

I see validity in the arguments made on both side, but again, think argument over it is silly, and in itself irreverent.

Some say it must be received on the tongue, because we are not worthy to touch the body of Christ; others say it must be the hand because vial and wicked words and lies come from our mouth, and our hands are used to perform good works.

Somehow in my heart-of-hearts, I think that Christ has no issues with us touching him. I sense him carrying me with his loving arms wrapped around me, and not dragging me, pinching my tongue between his thumb and index finger so not to be soiled by my sinful filth…embracing me with his loving touch, just as he embraced the sick, the infirm, the blind, and those more and less sinful than I.

Peace and all good!

It’s not “making a comeback.” Adding another option didn’t mean that it went away.

Perhaps it is as Fr. Grondin said, “After all, the most important aspect of receiving communion is not the strict motions of our hands but the disposition of our souls.”

What is reverent to one is not more or less reverent to another if both have the correct disposition.

I think there is a growing awareness of it. I feel like in some places it is almost taboo to receive on the tongue for some reason. Very few people do it. In my local parish (OF only parish) I went to all three Triduum Masses there and was happy to see all of the servers receiving on the tongue.

I have noticed as an EMHC, quite a few more people receiving on the tongue. I always think good for them! However during some of the bilingual Masses…if you are going to receive on the tongue…open your mouth wide enough to actually RECEIVE it!

I started receiving on the tongue when our children were born, holding one in my arms meant it was easier to receive it this way.

One church I went to in Poland everybody knelt near the front and received it on the tongue with an alterboy holding the dish (I do not know the correct name) under your chin.

It’s a requirement in our parish.

Communion is given indicted by the priest, and Church Law forbids the reception of Holy Communion in the hand in such cases.

I presume you mean “intincted” … Oh but the lawyers here are going to have a field day with that blooper! :smiley:

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