Communion on the tongue suspended

My bishop just suspended it because of the corona virus is this allowed?


Please read the threads cited above. :innocent:


Who is in charge of the archdiocese?

Are you still able to receive our Lord?

Lucky you!


Indeed, in Québec no Sunday Mass until further notice.


Yeah I am grateful that the Mass is even offered in my archdiocese. Thankfully in the worst case scenario if my archdiocese suspends the mass there is are 3 different eastern catholic churches in my area of 3 different rites. I know this is a new topic but if the Roman rite archdiocese suspends mass does it apply to the eastern catholic churches that are inside the diocese as well or no

According to the Canon Law Made Easy website, the bishop
“can’t” suspend Communion on the Tongue because it is a norm. Communion in the Hand is “permitted” and therefore changeable.


Several bishops have made this decision due to the danger receiving in the tongue potentially presents relative to the coronavirus… seems perfectly sensible. This will pass as the disease comes under management


Sean, follow your bishop’s directive.


I’m so glad I found this post.

I had been looking for an article on this.

Answers all the questions that have been brought up on this topic all over the forum.

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Or you could go to one of those Eastern Catholic churches which come under a different bishop and where Communion on the Tongue is in many cases universal.

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Nope. The Latin bishop has no authority over Eastern Catholics. The Eastern Churches are not just Latin Catholics with a different liturgy, they are their own self governing churches and their own bishops.


The message from our provincial assembly of bishops said it did apply to Oriental rite churches as well. YMMV depending on where you are.

Trust the hierarchy that God has placed over you.


Here in the Archdiocese of Detroit they reiterated the faithful have the right to receive on the tongue but that priests can suggest out of charity that they received in the hand.


Out if charity, we should all be receiving in the hand. Something I have not done for probably 30 years. And I wish we would quit all this Canon law talk about what Bishops can and cannot do in thus situation. They are our shepherds, we need to trust them at this point.

I asked this the other day, could someone show me where in canon law a bishop has the right, outside if disciplinary matters, to place a diocese under effective interdict and suspend all masses? Yet people seem ok with that very drastic measures, but with telling people to receive in the hand ( also drastic, but less so).
As I said before, thus is unprecedented,none if the norms and laws were written to take this into account. So Bishops certainly have the right to regulate how we receive communion at this point in time. Mark my words, none of them who have done so will be, in the slightest, re oh reprimanded by Rome.


‘Deeply immoral’? Come, come, now.

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There’s far less risk of Corona being spread by the (very minimal) hand contact a priest makes with a communicant after another than the possible transfer via saliva and/or droplets one inhales when giving (or receiving) communion on the tongue.

Satan is rejoicing over this nonsense. Please (and I address this to everyone, not any one in particular) listen to your bishops and don’t look for excuses not to. They are responsible for the spiritual well-being of their flock, and they are looking out for our physical well-being right now as well. Let them do so.


Diocese of Arlington, VA:

I seriously don’t understand these repeated questions. So someone is convinced that their Bishop is wrong to forbid COTT. Just where does one go from there? Report him to Rome? Some smug sense of ecclesiastical “gotcha?” I seem to recall a story of someone - to the horror of the priestly authorities - rescuing their animal on the Sabbath …

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