Communion question

At a recent mass, I was second to last in line for communion. When I reached the priest, he had run out of hosts. He asked me to wait a moment, then walked to the tabernacle and returned with hosts and offered me one in the usual way.

I assume that what he offered me was a consecrated host from a prior mass. I can imagine that this must happen occasionally. Is there a difference between what I received and what the others received? I understand that I (presumably, but not necessarily) was not present for the mass during which the hosts were offered for sacrifice. What implications does that have, if any?

Sorry if this has been asked before. I promise I did do a search for this and found something close but nothing that directly answered my questions. Thanks!

If the priest went to the tabernacle to get more hosts then you are receiving hosts from a previous Mass. There is no difference between the hosts you received during the same Mass or ones from a previous Mass. There is no need to be present at the same Mass as the host became the Body and Blood of Christ.

What he did was perfectly normal and certainly allowable. While it is preferable that the faithful receive hosts that were consecrated at the particular Mass they are attending, there is nothing to the contrary that they cannot receive Holy Communion that has been placed inside the Tabernacle. The Sacred Hosts in the Tabernacle are already consecrated. They are there in reserve, most of the time, for distribution to the ill and homebound.

Don’t worry! You received the same Body of Christ as everyone who received from the host consecrated during that Mass.

Christ is just as present in the Host immediately following the consecration as he is several days later.

Yes, you received a consecrated host from a previous Mass. There is no difference between what you received and what the other communicants received. Hosts which are not consecrated are not held in the Tabernacle.

The preference is to distribute consecrated hosts at the same Mass during which they were consecrated so that the community might have a deeper appreciation for the mystery being celebrated but some hosts are also reserved for instances such as you experienced as well as for sick calls, etc.

Many thanks to all of you that took time to respond. I really wasnt “worried” per se. Mostly just curious. I figured it must happen occasionally.

Have a great day!

This has happened a number of times in my parish lately, and I figure it is a wonderful thing that so many people turn out for Lent, that we weren’t able to keep up with the demand :slight_smile:

There was a Mass a few months ago where we ran out of everything and the last folks in line literally got crumbs. It was a marvelous teaching opportunity to explain that even the crumbs are fully Christ.

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