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Our parish priest has a medical condition of some sort that apparently prevents him from standing still for any length of time–thus he never distributes communion except to the extraordinary ministers, who then distribute it to the parish. He sits and watches. It makes me feel sad–for him and for the parishoners who wish they could receive communion from a priest at least once in awhile. I’m not sure where I am going with this–it’s not his fault certainly–but it just seems so sad.

Be happy that you have a parish priest and that he can still celibrate Mass even with his condition. The extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion are there to assist and the Eucharist is not diminished in any way. So be happy and know that the priest feels blessed that he can preside and then have the help of the EMHCs. God bless you…teachccd

That makes me sad too, but just because I wish he enjoyed better health. At least he is able to celebrate. God bless our priests for all they do, and also the EMHCs who are there to assist your priest in his time of need.

Yes I agree with you both–we are indeed blessed to have a priest to preside–many parishes do not. I feel badly for Father and I would like to ask for prayers for him that his condition improves–he looks sad as he sits watching communion and I cannot help but think he wishes he could take a greater part in distributing it.

Lord we thank you for your devoted servants our Priests. May we always keep in mind the extraordinary sacrifice they make. Please restore the health of zenith’s priest so that he can participate more fully in distributing Communion. May you bring him joy and peace as he realizes he is still an integral part of the community and that no one faults him for his unfortunate condition.

If there are parishoners who feel that they somehow receive a “diminished” Jesus because they receive from an EMHC rather than the priest, then these poor souls are in dire need of catechesis on the fact that what is received is the same, no matter the condition of the person who hands it to them (or, in my preference, puts it on their tongue). All sympathy, in this case, should be rightly reserved for the priest and not for those who wrongly feel slighted because their priest has such a condition.

In this case especially, we should be grateful for those who serve the priest in this capacity. At least in my parish it is not that easy to get people who are willing to serve as Extraordinary Ministers of the Holy Eucharist. Something that is such an honor is also a responsibility not always accepted by those called to it.

A few years back, at a weekday mass, the celebrant motioned me to come forward, gave me his ciborium, and sat down. He had a chronic illness. After mass he explained to me that he had barely been able to make it to mass, but there was no one else available to say the mass. He just had to sit down if he was to make it through the rest of the mass.

A very traditional lady didn’t notice the switch until she was in front of me. She looked shocked, asked “Where is the priest?”, and turned away without receiving. After mass she apologized to me and explained it had nothing to do with me, she just couldn’t receive except from a priest. I told her that I wasn’t offended,; I was just sorry that she wasn’t able to receive.

Unfortunate that she missed out on receiving Jesus because of that. I hope the priest didn’t notice.

Thank you ALL for your replies,prayers, etc. I am new to catholicism and still may not understand everything fully but you have helped me realize some important things./ I have seen, at another church, people actually get OUT of the line they were in and head for the one with the priest, cutting in front of others to do so, and that made me think “Wow, I guess it’s really important for some people to get communion from the priest” which is what made me wonder. Thank you for clearing this up for me and than you very much for your prayers for Father. He is a dear man.

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