Communion Question


I was wondering if there is a special way that Italian Catholics( in Italy) receive communion?


We are one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church. I would say no. I have watched the Papal Masses on TV and I would say it is the same way of receiving as we do in this country otherwise we would have been informed.


Nope, I don’t think so. In Italy, they are allowed to receive either in the hand or on the tongue.


So this leads to me asking, is the top hand suppose to be the hand you write with or is it always suppose to be your left?


No; there are no rules about ‘handedness’ when receiving in the hand. Most folks are right-handed, and will usually receive in the left hand so that they can use their right to place the host in their mouth. Lefties will tend to do the opposite…


Oh I see why I am befuddled. I am left handed but I use my left hand on top because in grade school I was taught to use the left hand because the right hand is not the clean hand, so we want a good place for God to be on thus you don’t use your primary hand.


There is no such thing as a clean or unclean hand (unless there is visible dirt on one or another). You will not find that teaching anywhere in Catholicism. Do what you are comfortable doing.


I don’t think their is a special way.


Receive on the tongue: problem solved! :wink:

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