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I’m very upset and i would like to get some feed back on this… My daughter and I attended a church service, the night of my mother’s passing - after praying rosary etc.

After a very emotional day to say the least, we both wanted to take communion at the service. As I approached, the priest asked me a question which I could not hear and I said “Amen” he asked again, this time I heard him in spanish; When was your last confession? it took me by surprise and all i said was “amen”, he reluctently give me communion. As, I came back to my seat, my daughter was approaching him, (she does not speak Spanish) He asked her when was your last confession?
She could not answer him and he refused to give her communion or a blessing… I was very shocked… as our intent was to immediately take confession at our perish… I feel this was wrong of him to refuse her communion, I was going to approach him after a very “quick” service but he stormed off into the back… As of today, I’m still very upset.

There were people at that service that were not catholic and also homosexual and he gave them all communion… but he had already decided not to give me daughter communion before she even made it to the alter - as he immediately asked her about her last confession - he never asked anyone of the other people… why??? Can someone give him input…


Don’t attend Mass at that parish again.

It’s wrong of a priest to conduct an inquisition during reception of the Sacrament, unless he knows a person should not be receiving the Holy Eucharist.

I recall a priest from Columbia giving me a hard time in the confessional where he thought that I believed that the Sacrament would keep me from sinning in the future I have no idea why he thought this, but explained my reason for coming to Confession and I ended by asking if he was going to give me absolution or not ?

He agreed and did so, but I never went to Confession to him again.



Not taking sides, but I am assuming that you knew this priest and he knew you. What is the history here?


Are you 100% sure he didn’t ask other people?
I do not know the legality of such a thing, but it does seem his heart was in the right place (not wanting to bring others to sin in receiving Communion unworthy, as well as not profanity the Sacrament), but like I said I am not sure if this is allowed.


Nope, this service was held at a perish in Baja California Mexico. Where my mother wanted to be buried.


No he did not ask anyone any questions. Only my daughter and I.

My daughter spent her entire life in Catholic School and I’m first to say I had not gone to confession but, given the events
of the week/day I felt like I wanted to be closer to my faith and our intentions were to take confession once returning home.

I felt he could have a least offered a blessing. Instead he just turned her away and told her to go back to her seat…


Wait, were you actually not in the state of grace? If so, then recieving Communion is mortally sinful and not good at all.



I know you are upset, but you’ll have to ask the priest to get a solid answer.


You should be glad the Priest refused your daughter Communion.

Are you aware the Reception of Communion can be either a blessing OR a curse?

If you or your daughter have NOT been to confession yet receive the Eucharist anyway it is the sin of blasphemy and sacrilege. You have eaten and drank condemnation upon yourself. This is orthodox Catholic teaching.

The Eucharist “holy for the holy” is not to be given to someonw who hasn’t been to Confession in over a year.

You should go to that Priest and thank him for blessing your daughter by refusing her Eucharist, then confess to him that you commited Sacrilege by receiving in an unworthy state. This would be the penintent and humble thing to do.


He gave her a blessing twice over - once when he stopped her from profaning the Sacrament, and again when he ended Mass and blessed the congregation.

This sounds like a very holy priest to guard the Sacrament the way he did.

You were personally out of line attempting to receive without prior Sacramental Confession.

Im not trying to be harsh or hurt you - but this is the Catholic Faith. It is a very serious thing to approach for Communion, it’s not something to be done without serious prior repentance, prayer, and fasting.



These are two Catholics a mother and her daughter whom the priest held an inquisition on when they presented themselves to receive.

Refusing to give the daughter the sacrament, especially when he couldn’t speak English, he brought sin upon himself.

Priest are in a parish to serve the people, not the other way around.



Priests are in a parish to serve Christ, not sinful people.

The Priest was right for guarding the Sacrament and you’re wrong for being indifferent and wanton with letting anyone receive even when it’s a curse unto them to do so.


Priests can recognize when someone is non-Catholic or not practicing, they just have a way. It is not forbidden that they ask a question.

I am so sorry that this poster did not refrain from Communion until she could be prepared :frowning:


Jesus never told the Apostles that they were to serve him, but each other.

Priest serve Christ by serving the people they are sent to minister to



Priests can not tell if some one who is Catholic and receiving, should not be,

It wasn’t his place to ask in a language the recipients could not understand, if they were worthy or not.

God loves us, irrespective of our worth,



All irrelevant.

The teaching of the Church on this is clear.

The holy is for the holy.


Well, we know different priests. I know many priests who have noticed someone who is obviously unaware what to do at Mass and when that person approaches in the Communion line they do not bow, etc. The priest will whisper “are you Catholic?” or sometimes simply say “Come see me after Mass”. They then ask the person some questions, hear their confession if need be and then give them Communion at that time.


I get very defensive when I suspect My Lord is being profaned.

I may come off as legalistic or pharasaical on this, but if there is one single issue that being legalistic about is a Good thing, it is the issue of reception of the Eucharist.

St. Paul says people were DROPPING DEAD from receiving Communion unworthily.


You have reason to be upset.

You should inform the diocese of this. Find a priest with whom you can communicate in the chancery of that diocese and tell him what was done to you and the questions that were asked of you.

Action needs to be taken by diocesan officials concerning this priest.


This may shock you, but that is a very loving, caring, holy Priest! He cares about your soul. He is a true shepherd. To give you the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ while you might have been in a state of mortal sin would be damning you! Read 1 Corinthians 11:23-34.

The reason he asked was that weddings and funerals, in particular, involve those who have not been to confession for years, those who are in mortal sin, those who never attend mass, those who are not Catholic, even those who do not believe!

He does them no favor by administering the Holy Eucharist blindly.

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