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Even though our state has opened up and masses are permitted there is one parish so large that they have decided not to open yet. This puts pressure on neighboring parishes but this particular parish continues offering drive through communion. I am thankful that people at least get to receive Our Lord but this last week on a social media post I saw someone (who obviously meant well) post a picture of the Host in thier hand in a selfie sort of way. I was immediately taken aback but I’m having a hard time articulating why I felt that it was wrong. My wife asked me the difference between that and a photo of the host in the monstrance that’s you see so often. What say the CAF crew? Is this just something that is the times we live in or is it an abuse.

It’s irreverent. Communion isn’t the time for that.

That said, pray for the person, and in reparation for all offenses against the Blessed Sacrament, and move on. It’s really not worth dwelling on.



I think your problem, and I agree with you, might be that in the time when one should be most reverent, they were not thinking of Our Lord, but planning their Facebook post (or whatever they took the pic for) They took a pic before consuming the Eucharist. The host in the monstrance is there to be looked upon, not consumed.

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Have you ever attended a First Communion Mass? The parents of every child push to get to the front of the Church so they can snap that moment. We actually gave up, hired a professional photographer and banned other cameras from those masses, had volunteers stand in the aisles to literally keep folks from rushing the altar!

People have been taking photographs of reception of Communion since cameras were invented.

Is it poor taste and imprudent, yes. Is it an abuse, no.

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Thank You Father! Well said.

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