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Hi, I am looking for a guide on how to conduct a Communion Service. The reason why I am asking is that our parish priest is on vacation for the rest of the month. Our new deacons are handling the Communion Service during the weekday, but one of them asked me if I was willing to conduct one if for some reason they are not able to, since I am an altar server.

I also had a question in relation to the Communion Service. A Communion Service was given by one of the parishoners today, and I have found it awkward that he would say, “The Lord be with you” and have the faithful reply “And with your Spirit” to a lay person. It is to my understanding, which may be incorrect by the way, that this is an acknowledgement that the presider, being deacon; priest or bishop; are presiding In Persona Christi, because of their ordination…right? So, this should not be said by a lay person?

No, it should not be said by a lay person.
Here’s a link you might find helpful.

Wow. That has inklings of an abuse. It is my understanding that only ordained hands should open/close the tabernacle (I’m not sure if Vatican II changed this). Also, only ordained presbyters (priests and deacons) are to read the Gospel and give the Homily. You are right, when the clergy say to the faithful, “The Lord be with you” they are making us worthy (as the Byzantine Liturgy states) “to partake of His Holy mysteries”. When we respond “And with your spirit” we are reaffirming the priest/deacon’s role of acting In Persona Christi.
As laity, we cannot act In Persona Christi because we do not have the indelible mark of ordination upon our soul. We are priests however, in the sense of praying over and for people, ability to administer the Sacrament of Baptism in case of emergency, etc.
But yes, I would say to let the deacon know that you cannot do this.
I would also not attend the Communion Service that was being run by a lay person because this sounds not only illicit, but also invalid (not the Eucharist because it has already been consecrated, but the service itself).
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iProfess, these services are perfectly licit if done according to the rubrics (validity doesn’t enter into the picture, there’s no such thing where Communion Services are concerned). In many communities these services are the only thing available for weeks on end.

The Gospel cannot be read by a lay person at Mass, but in any other type of Liturgy it is permitted if there is no priest or deacon. EMHCs, outside of Mass, can go to the Tabernacle and retrieve the reserved Blessed Sacrament and offer it to their community after consuming themselves.

Ideally, these would only happen on Sundays, but if the Bishop has given permission there is nothing illicit about it.

You may conduct one as a layperson if there is a legitimate need. Get a hold of a copy of the actual ritual for the service.

The actual liturgical book is “Holy Communion and the Worship of the Eucharist Outside of Mass”. It can be purchased at .

Thank you guys for the links!

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