Communion twice in a day, what about the vigil?

I’m aware of Canon 917 which explains that the Eucharist can be received twice in one day provided the second reception is within a eucharistic celebration. I’m unclear if that is a 24-hour day or if it would include a vigil mass.

The specific situation: I’m in the music ministry at our parish. If I commune at the Saturday evening vigil mass (5 pm), then also commune at a Sunday morning mass, can I commune again at the Sunday evening mass (5 pm)? Would that count as three times in the same day (counting Sat. vigil as part of Sunday), or only twice (once on Sat. and twice on Sun.)?

Can. 917 A person who has already received the Most Holy Eucharist can receive it a second time on the same day only within the eucharistic celebration in which the person participates…

Now let’s look at how canon law defines a day:

Can. 202 §1. In law, a day is understood as a period consisting of 24 continuous hours and begins at midnight unless other provision is expressly made;

Note that canon 917 does not say that the two times limit is for liturgical feasts or celebrations, it merely states it is for a day. Therefore if you receive the Eucharist on Saturday evening that means after midnight you are eligible to receive twice on Sunday (providing that the second time is while attending Mass).

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