Communion twice in a day

I went to midnight Mass, then Christmas morning at !0:00, then again at 6:30 p…m. for my Sunday obligation. Should I not have received communion at the 6:30 Mass?

From the Code of Canon Law:

Can. 917 A person who has already received the Most Holy Eucharist can receive it a second time on the same day only within the eucharistic celebration in which the person participates…

God bless you. :slight_smile:

We are only to recieve communion twice in one day. We can attend as many masses as we want, but only recieve twice.

The Midnight Mass and the Christmas morning Mass was for the Christmas obligation, then then Sat was the vigil mass for Sunday so you did fulfill that obligation. I would confess it, and in the future try to only recieve twice in a 24 hour period. Since you did not plan ahead and lacked some knowlege, it would not me mortal.

I would be very surprised if receiving Christ 3 times in a day would be a mortal sin in any circumstance where the Eucharist was received respectfully.

Ok…I’m curious. Why? (I mean why can’t you receive communion more than 2 times a day?)
Or is it inappropriate for me (a non-Catholic) to ask…

I agree with you!!!

I hate this subject. The canon is not in place to limit the number of times one can recieve, it simply states that when there is reason and one participates actively in more than one Eucharistic celebration, then you are free to recieve.

The problem comes in where a person goes to multiple masses just to recieve, or “church hop” in time to recieve at multiple locations.

There is no sin in what you did, you had reason to go to these masses, you were engaged in active participation, there is no sin to confess!!!

I served as deacon in four masses two Sundays before Christmas, I recieved bothe the Eucharistic bread and Precious Blood at all four, no sin there either. It was my ordination weekend and my pastor wanted me at every mass to be “introduced” as deacon. There was reason for the four masses.

Although many will tell me different.:slight_smile:

No, its not inappropriate for you to ask. There once was an issue with the faithfull going around to the different churches just to recieve communion. They would travel around to the various Catholic masses just to recieve the Eucharist, with the thought of the “magic” grace of the Eucharist giving them salvation. Well it’s not the Eucharist alone which feeds us, it everything God gave us. The word, the music, the prayers and the Eucharist. But the most important aspect that was lost was the sense of community. There is a reason people come togather to worship God, for comunal support. We dont travel through life alone, we have community!!! It is critical that we pray together, and feed at the Lord’s Table together.

The purpose of the canon sited is to encourage active participation, whether it is by singing are serving as a minister in some fashion, or just sitting in the pew and praying together with your Christian family. All parts of the mass are important, not just the Eucharist. This is the climax, but you cannot miss the rest.

No, it’s not that we ARE to receive communion twice in one day, but rather that we may, circumstances allowing, receive communion twice in one day.

You are obligated to attend Mass on every Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation, as a Catholic. If you choose to go more frequently, that is your own personal devotional option. There’s really no theological point in attending multiple celebrations of the same liturgy, but the Church does not prohibit you from doing so, and receiving communion if you want to, regardless of the theological principles.

Another reason is to avoid neglecting one’s temporal duties. Even nuns and monks only attend one Mass a day.

The restriction is that one cannot receive communion outside the mass if one has already received communion that day. The english translation is awkward.

It doesn’t preclude reception at multiple masses. One long weekend, I was altar server at one mass, scheduled cantor at a second, fill-in cantor at a third, and fill-in lector at a fourth. I was instructed to receive at each by a notable theologian. (The celebrant for 2 of those masses, and homilist for all 5 masses that weekend.)

If, however, one has been to mass, one may not receive at a “Liturgy of the Word with Communion” on that same day. Nor may one receive at two such liturgies.

Nor may the housebound receive twice in one day.

The exception is viaticum… if you’re dying, the priest can commune you anyway.

Actually, yes it does. The first clarification of the new code came in 1984 when there was a dubium regarding the meaning of “iterum”. When the English translation of the 1983 Code was originally issued “iterum” was translated as “again”. When the question arose about whether that meant “as many times as Mass was attended in a day” or “a second time in one day” the authentic interpretation determined that the meaning was ‘a second time’ and that particular canon was was re-translated to reflect that meaning.

Doubt: Whether, according to canon 917, one who has already received the Most Holy Eucharist may receive it again on the same day only a second time, or as often as one participates in the celebration of the Eucharist.

Response: Affirmative to the first; negative to the second. AAS 76, (1984) 746

It seems that the first day began for you on Christmas - there are three Lectionary readings for Midnight, Dawn, and Day, so you received twice on Christmas. You then received once for Sunday (at the Vigil, after 4PM that day).

I am showing this for historical value. Twice was approved in 1967 in Eucharisticum Mysterium No. 28, although the canon law was changed in 1983, it still states twice in a day (canon 917). But the next liturgical day begins at the vigil mass, so you received twice on Christmas, and once on Sunday.

The faithful who begin to celebrate the Sunday or holy day of obligation on the preceding evening may go to Communion at that Mass even if they have already received Communion in the morning. Those who “have received Communion during the Mass of the Easter Vigil, or during the Mass of the Lord’s Nativity, may receive Communion again at the second Easter Mass and at one of the Masses on Christmas Day.” [80] Likewise “the faithful who go to Communion at the Mass of Chrism on Holy Thursday may again receive Communion at the evening Mass of the same day,” in accordance with the Instruction Tres abhinc annos of May 4, 1967, no. 14.

[FONT=Times New Roman, Times, Arial]80 S.C.R. Instruction Inter Oecumenici, 26. ix. 1964, n. 60-AAS 56 1964). p. 891.


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