Communion under species of consecrated wine (am I a material heretic?)


I have no difficulties with believing in Jesus physically present. I have no problem believing Jesus present in the consecrated host in both body and blood. That makes sense, because when you cut flesh, it bleeds. I understand how the small host can be Jesus in entirety in the same way that Jesus appearing as a child can still be Jesus in entirety— changing size isn’t an issue. I don’t understand fully, however, how what I drink from the chalice is body also. Maybe because the Extraordinary Minister says “The Blood of Christ” and maybe because it is a liquid, but I have a hard time getting it. Can you explain these two issues to me?


That sounds more like involuntary doubt and not material heresy. Basically, trouble with a belief rather than obstinate denial.


“Concomitance” is the word you’re looking for.


Failure to understand something doesn’t equate to heresy. It also doesn’t make something less true.

I think you’re trying to be a bit too literal in our understanding of physical properties. There has been a change in substance, after all, which scientifically means we can’t expect the same physical properties as before. (Wine = liquid as we understand it. The Precious Blood, Jesus in his entirety also a liquid but not as we know or expect it. That works scientifically speaking.)

By the way, if you get a chance to see the presider’s chalice at Communion time, you’ll find a solid substance floating there. Maybe that helps… (It’s a small piece of the host; see concomitance as porthos suggested.)


Christ is indivisible, therefore the body, blood, soul and divinity cannot be separated. The subject of the first consecration is the body, and of subject the second consecration the blood, but Christ, when present is always complete.


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