Communion With Gloves On

Last Sunday I saw a lady receive Holy Communion with her gloves on. Is this permissible? Perhaps she had a skin disease? Thanks

Please, Please: Don’t sweat it "She is “Old School”, This goes back to the Old Catholic Church as I knew it, 1940’s- late 1960"s, My Mother would wear a netted white vail
back in the 60’s. The only circumstance where white gloves were used is at a child’s
First Holy Communion, For the Boy’s:Blue Communion Suit and white gloves.
For the Girls: White Communion Dress ( Almost Bridal Like ) with white gloves.


I think you’re missing the point. She received in the hands, with gloves on.

And that is considered *extremely *bad form any way you look at it.

My apologies, I might have misunderstood your question, Were they regular gloves?
How Old was this lady? I was just relaying what happened in the Old Church.
If they were Like winter gloves, then it is inapropriate.


Skin disease? Can’t you think of a more likely reason someone would wear fur-lined leather gloves in January?

My Dear Apollos, How old are you?, maybe you are being Overly Catholic and too
hard on this woman. If Jesus witnessed this event what would he say? I’ll bet
knowing his Nature we would have given her his blessings, “Peace to you my Child”
Your judging this woman based on canon law and not the teachings of Christ.

Age does not matter and there is nothing as being overly Catholic. You either behave like a Catholic or you do not! Canon Law is a consequence of Christ’s command to Peter. We are to obey Canon Law because it is posited for the good of mankind. Ex- Catholics should go back and study more what the Church teaches instead of making their pop-doctrines in regard to the Church.

Or maybe he would have called her a child of the devil. But maybe you’re right; I’ll try to be less Catholic.

This was an adult lady on a warm day in North Carolina.

Could she be mentally disturbed? The Lord would certainly excuse her for that. I have seen
people not playing with a “full deck” going to church.They are trying in their own way,.
Should have not the priest requested she remove her gloves? Maybe she has a form of

Hello, Cristiano, My Holy Friend,
Though I am an ex-Catholic I believe in the trinity
and all that is heavenly, But one can take their Beleifs to the extreme, as in " My way
or the highway" They have a tendency to do this, Do not get me wrong they do have their
good points and not so as Their Past, going Back Many centuries, in the case of Galileo for being branded a heritic when he proved that the Earth revoled aroud the Sun and not like wise as the Church beleived, and of course there is the inquistion of the middle ages.

One must not let the Ego to get total control and blind one from the truth. I respect your
Belief and may you have the absolute blessing of the Trinty on your Spiritual Journey.
God Bless You Cristiano

And your reference for this is…?

I am a student of theology & pastoral ministry, who has read & re-read the Code of Canon Law and the GIRM, and ***NO WHERE ***do I see anything saying that someone CANNOT receive CITH if they are wearing gloves.

No one here knows why this woman may be wearing gloves, and quite honestly it is not up to us to speculate or handle the problem at all.

This is just too over the top, even for this forum! :eek::mad:

I would also encourage you to read and understand why Galileo had problems with the Church. Did he prove that the earth revolved around the sun or did he used his theory to develop a theological interpretation? Ignorance of facts (e.g. Church doctrine and/or history) is not an excuse to chide other people for their beliefs. You do not want to be a Catholic, and I can understand that. It is up to your conscience, but commenting on the forms for the reception of communion in a Catholic Church is not the best idea unless you argue on the basis of Church laws. Your comment about possible health issues (OCD etc.) is reasonable and could be justified at least from a pastoral point of view.

How do you know what type of gloves she was wearing?

not unless she received on the tongue. If you have gloves on, are holding anything at all–purse, baby, tissue, you should receive on the tongue. EMHCs have probably not been properly trained, they should have gently reminded her. I am at a loss to understand the harsh judgment expressed here against the communicant, who probably simply forgot she had her gloves on. lighten up

Are you proposing that if something isn’t specifically prohibited in the Code of Canon Law (CIC) or in the GIRM or the praenotanda or rubrics of any liturgical rite or instructions issued by Holy See dicasteries that they’re permissible.

I’m not saying whether it is right or wrong to wear gloves when receiving Communion in the hand. I don’t know the answer.

I’m just interested in your point that it must be OK because the CIC and GIRM don’t prohibit it.

I was replying to this pst.

Apollo states that it is “extremely bad form”. what I asked for was a reference for that assumption.

I am not proposing anything. The OP asked the question “Is this permissible?”
I stated that I have never read in the CIC or GIRM anything regarding the issue of wearing gloves while receiving CITH. I don’ t know the answer either, so I started in the most logical of places, looking for the answer.

My point is that there seems to be no ruling from the Church on this either way.
We have no way of knowing, with the information we have been given, what the reason this woman was wearing gloves or not, and it is not for us to decide if it is right or wrong.

You went to the places where I would have gone.


Again, I agree.

I posted my query because of the number of times I read in posts that documents A, B and C don’t prohibit X therefore it is OK to do X. Of course, we know that isn’t a logical conclusion to draw. It is unreasonable to expect the Church to produce a list prohibiting every possible thing that someone might do which isn’t permitted. So, the lack of a specifically stated prohibition doesn’t provide one with licence to do something.

My recollection is that one is not to have anything in ones hand when one receives Holy Communion in the Hand or I think gloves …

Our altar server MUST take their white gloves off when receiving CITH.

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