I was married outside of the Catholic church and have since divorced. I have always been a practicing Catholic and am raising my children the same. I did not receive communion during my marriage as I was told, and felt, that I should not since the marriage was not blessed by the church. Am I able - or should I - receive communion at this point? I miss the sacrament and now that my children are of age, they don’t understand why I don’t receive it as well.


As a Catholic attempting marriage you were bound by canon law to marry in the Church or to be dispensed from this obligation. Since you married outside the Church (apparently without dispensation) your marriage was invalid. It is understandable that you did not receive communion while living as a married person in an invalid marriage. Now that you are no longer living this way you may go to confession and then resume receiving communion. Should you decide to attempt marriage again you will first need to have your previous marriage officially declared null.

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