I have an annulment from my first marriage in the catholic church. I unfortantely remarried in a civil marriage and seeking a divorce. Can i recieve communion??? Thanks


I believe you can, but first you must be sure you are living a chaste life and you must go to Confession and receive Absolution. I would advise you to be completely honest with whatever priest you choose about your marital past and current status to ensure that you have done everything you need to do to receive the Sacraments. I’ll be praying for you. It is horrible to be separated from the Sacraments.


I agree with k8e308. If you are currently living chastely and have been absolved of your sins since the last time you have been with your husband, I think you are fine. If you have not, however, you must go to confession first. I would also just go to confession and ask your priest. It is better to know you are not committing another sin by receiving communion while separated from God’s grace than hoping you are okay to do so. I would consult a priest on the matter prior to receiving communion just to be safe.:slight_smile:


I have been to confession about this marriage. I was married 4 years and he is also Catholic, however, he refused to get an annulment that's the main reason why I asked him for a divorce. Enough we have no children together (I have 2 from my 1st marriage and he has 2 from his 1st marriage) we still have to be separated for 6 months. I am in the process of filling separation papers, I will be divorced in Dec. 2011.


Since you have been to Confession, your Confessor should surely be able to tell you whether or not you can receive the Sacraments. Your Confessor is always your best source, assuming he is orthodox and faithful to the magisterium. If you have doubts, ask around about an orthodox priest and aks him.


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