I have a question about receiving communion. I was baptized in the Catholic Church and had my first Holy Communion, but my family then started going to a Lutheran Church where I was confirmed. I am now fresh out of seminary (Protestant) and through study and devotion I am making my way back to the Catholic Church. My question is, can I receive Holy Communion before confirmation?


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I’d recommend going to Confession before you do anything else. When you tell the priest your situation, ask him about Communion and he can direct you from there.


An examination of your conscience is the most important thing. Confessing our faults in true hope that we continue in His grace. Maybe only you know in your heart if receiving now, or waiting is more helpful…

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Definitely need to go the parish which you feel connected to and see the pastor. Meet with him and lay all of this out to him with you intent. Give him the whole story and then be ready to follow his lead.

This is a technicality but, if you’re coming home to Mother Church please consider changing your listed affiliation from Anglican, which really threw me off…:smiley:


If you have already received first holy communion, you need only go to confession before returning to communion. There are no other impediments as far as I am aware. I would say schedule an appointment with a priest to talk about your situation and receive absolution.


Really? If you were confirmed as a Lutheran after being baptized Catholic and receiving First Holy Communion all you have to do is go to confession and receive absolution if you want to commune again in the Catholic church?


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The short answer is yes, a baptized Catholic can receive Communion before being Confirmed. You do need the Sacrament of Penance (Confession) after having been away for years. You should talk to a pastor about your knowledge of the Catholic faith before receiving Holy Communion.

You might also contact Marcus Grodi’s Coming Home Network:


From a Catholic point of view, Lutheran confirmation is invalid as the Lutheran churches do not have valid bishops in apostolic succession. A baptized Catholic who has been away needs only to make a good confession to be back in a state of grace. There may be other issues, such as needing a valid Confirmation and having one’s marriage brought into the Church.


The advise to seek your local priest for direction is great. This is where we learn to submit our will to Christ’s representative here on earth. Follow your priest’s advise. :thumbsup:


Yes, I’m pretty sure; confirmation is not a prerequisite for communion, so you should be good to go after confession. Speak with your priest about it though just to make sure.


Confirmation is in a Protestant denomination is a public action renouncing one’s faith, that’s canon law. This type of action just like accepting baptism in another denomination is a public action which brings automatic excommunication.

What does this mean? It means there is a schism, there is a separation which must be minded; it cannot be minded by a simple trip to the confessional.

Go see your parish priest, follow his directions. You may be required, I don’t have all the details, to make a profession of faith at Mass and commit to the Catholic Church publically to make reparation for the public renunciation.

Our actions have consequences. Go talk to your pastor at the local Catholic parish to see what you need to do to be brought back into a fully sacramental life.


I think it can. He was likely a minor when confirmed in the Lutheran church, so he could not have received an automatic excommunication.

If he’s not excommunicated, simple confession should suffice. In many dioceses, parish priests have even been given the authority to life automatic excommunications, as in the case of procuring an abortion.

God Bless


You may be right on those points. Either way though, the place to start is meet with teh pastor, don’t take it upon yourself or even this forum to make these spiritual choices. That is why we have pastors of souls! :thumbsup:


It is not immediately clear that the excommunication adheres in the OP’s case but, even if it were so, it could be lifted in the confessional. There are to my knowledge no excommunicable offenses save violation of the seal of the confession the lifting of which are reserved exclusively to the Holy See.


That’s certainly always good advice.

But, it also does depend on the gravity of the situation. If I believed myself to be in mortal sin, I wouldn’t wait to get an appointment.

I’d knock on the rectory door, and ask whatever priest was there to hear my confession :slight_smile:
Explain the situation in confession, and he’ll tell you if he can’t absolve your sin.

I don’t think God is ever upset at us for trying to repent our sins.

God Bless

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