Why don’t (some) protestants have communion?

I told these protestants that Jesus said do this in memory of Me which is why we do it but why don’t they?

Surely they are being disobedient?

And what is the easiest way to explain Transubstantiation?


To start, which Protestants?

Almost all protestants practice some form of communion.

You can explain to them that Catholics believe in Transubstantiation; that is that ordinary bread and wine become the Precious Body & Blood, Soul & Devinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ at the time of the Consecration of the Mass.

My old Evangelical Church did quarterly communion. Which means, practically, one only received communion 2 or 3 times a year at best.

Deep down its because they see no spiritual benefit in it. Only an intellectual exercise of remembrance. It’s an empty symbol that lingers in their churches since it’s said in the Bible to do it.

In my previous life as a Protestant I can only remember 1 or 2 churches that did not have communion and they were “non-denominational”.

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