Im 15, and Im currently still a methodist, but I am planning on joining the Catholic church. I will probably be able to next school year as I will have a car, but my mom has made it very clear that no matter what I do, I have to keep going to our methodist church on Sunday’s. It’s not that big of a deal, but I dont know what to do about communion Sunday. I know that Catholics can’t take communion at protestant churches. Should I continue taking communion until I’m in RCIA classes, or should I go ahead and stop?

Not to sound uncaring, but I don’t think there is anyone here who can tell a Methodist what he or she should be doing at a Methodist service. Your mother is probably the one you should follow until you’ve officially joined the Catholic Church, I would think.

Tough question. You have to listen to your mom though, first and foremost.

Advice from me though and its only simple advice (because this is the internet after all :p), just to stop taking communion at the Methodist church altogether, or wait, and of course once your officially brought into the Catholic church absolutely stop taking Methodist communion.

Once you’re officially Catholic and open to the seven sacraments and thus able to receive the blessed sacrament just go to mass for communion before or after you attend the Methodist services with your mom and/or family.

When you’re a little older you can simply talk it out with your mom about how you feel and how things are going to be for you spiritually from now on.

Good luck. Oh and talk to those around you and here them out, that’s where you’ll find the best advice for yourself. Plus prayer as well, lots of prayer.

Get a Rosary if you don’t have one and use it often.

Peace. :angel1:

Thanks for your answers!

I would ask a priest to be sure, but I don’t think you should still receive communion at that church if you don’t believe in Methodist teachings, for to receive communion there is to say you agree with that church. That is the reason that Catholics are not permitted to receive communion in Protestant churches.

I believe you should respect your mother,s wish,s tell you are once a member off the Catholic church,than your mother can,not stop you from receiving Communion,even if your family is Methodist,if you under age and a minor ,you could run into hardships ,if you try to go against now,good luck no matter,follow what your Heart feels. :gopray2:

I agree with this approach. After all if our parents told us to steal something should we listen to them if we know we shouldn’t be stealing just because the child is subordinate to the parent.

I also think you should discuss this extensively with your mother explaining how you wish to not receive Communion unless you receive True Communion the Eucharist. Explain your desire to become Catholic. Just be respectful and remain calm and out of sin when explaining this and don’t get angry towards her even if she does.

Most importantly pray, pray, pray about it.

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