Communism explained

Because of the recent focus on the campaign of Mr. Sanders I respectfully suggest that in describing communism you should have distinguished it from socialism and democratic socialism. Folks have been shown to be confused.

I hope to live to see Communism and Socialism destroyed…

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Define socialism and democratic socialism for me. In discussions of these kind people are often talking past each other.

And yet, each of them ends up with a devil in charge. Then, being ‘godless’, statues are erected to that same devil.

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I don’t know I just think we as a society have a tendency to make up invisible enemies. The Right is the enemy, no, the Left is the enemy. One is a communist, the other is a fascist both point fingers at each other calling each other Nazi. I think we have real problems right now with gdp shrinking 4.8% and unemployment at 15% and the possibility it might get worse.

The world will be a different place in twenty years. The boomers would have passed on millenials will be in their forties to fifties. I don’t think the old Cold War tensions and threats will be there. Again, I was young when the Berlin Wall fell. Many millenials grew up without the whole Cold War. So, I’m sure new ideologies will develop in the next twenty years.

I hear smatterings of this new ideology on NPR. Essentially, it will look towards quality of life and not growth as the measure of success. So, at the micro level that may be not aspiring for the corporate grind but instead consciously choosing a lower wage job with less stress and more time off. Maybe, combining families or living with family, instead of the desire to be on your own. I don’t know it seems millennials see things differently. They may not respond to old threats of communism or fascism.

I’m yet to see a mainstream US politician actually use the term democratic socialism correctly, I’ve seen some social democrats but that’s about it. I’ve also never seen anyone on here argue in favour of communism.

I will agree that Millennials and Zoomers are moving towards socialism but can you really blame us? Millenials have faced two era defining recessions, rising wealth inequality, inflated house prices and rental rates, weakening public services and crumbling infrastructure. Combine all that with a climate crisis that will cause increasing amounts of chaos that we’re just starting to see the beginnings of. Having said all that there is a draw to more collectivist and less individualistic approach to society.

A thread today and one yesterday involved the topic. That’s why I posted this.

Could you show me the link please?

Here is the problem with a collectivists approach, in order for everyone to equal, everyone (except the party leaders) wind up poor.

When you eliminate the ability for people to work hard and move ahead, everyone’s hopes and dreams disappear.

The reason you are seeing some success in China is because the Chinese Communist Party didn’t want to follow the Soviet Union and loose power. So they have allowed for Capitalism in many areas of their market.

In the early 1980s, China start introducing a little bit of Capitalism to their economy. Later, after the Tiananmen Square Massacre (and the fall of the Berlin Wall a few months later), Communist China start to allow more Capitalism so they didn’t lose control like what happened behind the Iron Curtain.

Keep in mind that everything that is happening in China today disgusts the true communists. And while can’t completely imply communist economics on their economy anymore, they continue to push communist ethics on their people.

You have to keep in mind that in Communism (and to a degree socialism) diversity of opinion is not tolerated. Everyone must think the same or be eliminated.

Both systems cannot function with differing views. That’s why communist countries and total socialist countries like Venezuela are one party systems.

Honestly, one of the scariest things is how in the 1910s, Lenin was talking about “democratic socialism.” Then, once he was in power, he started execulting anyone who would disagree with him.

That’s how socialism & communism work. Difference of opinion is not tolerated.

Sentence one: :+1:t5: IMO

Sentence two: Also true – IF they knowingly and deliberately know it’s wrong and opposed to the Church.

Like other Satanic things, people can be deceived by that seeming “angel of light”.

Voluntarily sharing all one has, as some of the early apostles did, is quite praiseworthy and charitable and faithful … and some might think THAT’s Communism.

Mandating that OTHERS must “share” … backed up by force … is just coveting others’ goods (breaking a commandment) and often advancing to theft.

In the practice of redistributing the wealth, there often seems to be unofficial administration charges that
exempt a class of elite party members from the “equality” enforcement in Communist societies.

The encouragement and justification of envy and jealousy tends toward a lessoning of peace as well.

Thanks for your hard work. Enjoyable post. :us: :smile:

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[Media trying to distabilize the existing ordr. They thrive on what you mention - “increasing amounts of chaos”. Well, even your generation will not thrive on chaos. It took generations of hard work to build the order that sustains everyone. Contrary to what your teachers and the media say, the 21st century is the best period in human history. It has never been better. ]

I agree. The converse is sadly also true. Communism does not accept Catholicism either.

Having grown up in a communist country, I think people of good will in the West often fell into the endless academic loop while discussing communism—which leads to no where. This is to say they just can’t seem to get away from defining what communism is and its ideals in relation to other economic and political systems. In the end, communism is placed in the same playing field with other systems. If a person is competent enough, he/she could defend ideals of communism well against any other systems. Bernie Sanders is a great example of this. He has made speeches that captivated his naive audience.

In truth and in reality, communists in communist countries do not care about communism. They themselves can not really tell you what communism is. Most have not even read Marx and Engel (The Manifesto). They don’t care for equality of any type. Should you ever have a chance to go to communist countries such as China, Cuba, North Korea, etc… and talk to people on the streets about equality???They would look at you as if you are an alien from space. There is no equality in any communist countries—equality is supposedly their fundamental right. Amazingly, the communists themselves are very rich and live comfortable lives—while the vast population (over 90%) is dirt poor and has no opportunity to improve their lives. What communists care for is power, and run their mob-like enterprises. It’s all about them ruling the country. In other words, communists are really thugs who are legally running a country which they have complete control and power.

Communism in real life is vastly different from communism discussed in academia.

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All communism and socialism are based on class jealousy. They want something that someone else has. It’s one thing to be envious, that may serve as a positive motivation to improve oneself. But it’s another entirely to be jealous, that serves as a negative motivation to tear down their betters.

Plus it is a violation of the 10th Commandment: you shall not covet your neighbor’s goods.

Sure capitalism has its issues, but that is not the subject of this thread.

I would also add that communism and socialism reject God—the Creator, the loving and merciful God. Men are reduced to soulless beings and mere economic units.

Socialism, Liberalism, Modernism, Luciferianism, Satanism, Communism, Marxism, Masonry-ism.

They’ve the same goal – to destroy Christianity…

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