In the 70’s-80’s and 90’s we heard about the conversion of Russia and th Holy Mother’s involvement. Why do we not hear this about China and North Korea? just curious

Stay tuned! Russia was the juggernaut at that time. Now, the situation has changed.

My own theory is,
that the COMINTERN, the movement for SPREADING COMMUNISM to the entire world, with a militancy unmatched,
was based in Soviet Russia.
It was Soviet Russia, and not China per se, that was hellbent on spreading Communism to the nations of the world.

Now, China’s leaders are ruthless, but in general (except for their threats against Taiwan), they are not expansionist (yes, they helped North Korea in the Korean War, but that was in the 50s, when they were still friends with, and largely dependent on the backing of,
Soviet Russia, whom they were helping when they gave aid to North Korea during the Korean War).

The spreading of communism in Europe and Asia, for example, was done by SOVIET involvement, not Chinese. North Vietnam was a SOVIET puppet. So was LAOS.
All of Eastern communist Europe were SOVIET slave/puppets. CUBA was a SOVIET ally and puppet. So was Sandinista Nicaragua in the 1980s. CHINA, for all it’s ruthlessness, was not behind these regimes, nor did they fund and arm those revolutionairies, Soviet Russia DID. Mary knew what she was talking about.

The Khmer Rouge, the demons incarnate who ran Cambodia from 1975 to 1979, started out as SOVIET puppets, but were SO DEMONIC that even the Vietnamese soviet puppet regime abhorred them and invaded and overthrew them before they could murder EVERY Cambodian in that country. And Pol Pot and his thugs went and hid in China.
China HID them, gave them sanctuary, but did not, in any way, try to help them REGAIN their power in Cambodia.

And as for China going communist, Mr Mao Tse Tung was aided and abetted in his taking of China by the SOVIETS (as well as officials of the U.S. State Department).

Mary knew what she was doing.

Russia had various Churches already inside when it turned to communism. it then made it illegal to participate in which of coarse results in compromising or disallowing freedom of religion.

Since it was our Churches being crucified and the such, we were more steamed and angered to it.

besides, we have always denounced communism openly

China and North Korea can protect them from conspiracy, also Cuba, Venezuela, many mores.

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