Communist uprising - retaliation?


If there is a Communist uprising in a democratic country, do other countries have an obligation to curb it?
EDIT: To clarify, I’m talking about when a Communist uprising threatens to OVERTHROW the existing democratic government.


Without more details, I’d say, no.


Suppressing all forms of Marxism should be an obligation.


It’s how we ended up in Vietnam, a debacle the US is still paying for



No, they don’t have an obligation to intervene in another country’s home affairs, and the requirements for a just war would most certainly not be met. We should be wary of such actions; at their core can lie Imperialism.


It is Pope Francis. The Vicar of Christ, the head of Catholic Church on earth to whom we should assent to.


Flowery titles aside, you do realise this is not actually Catholic teaching?


It depends what you mean by “curb”.

It also depends on whether the democratic government of that country has requested outside help in curbing the uprising.


Corrected! Thank you! Lazy typing on the phone.


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