Communists angry after Kerala bishops urge vote for ‘God-fearing’ candidates

Bishops in Kerala-- the southwestern Indian state that has been the Church’s stronghold in India since its evangelization by St. Thomas the Apostle-- told the faithful in a July 18 pastoral letter to vote for “good, capable, and God-fearing” candidates.

It is good that the Bishops in Kerala are telling the people to vote for such candidates. :thumbsup:

You can detect a holy bishop by the angry glares of nearby Communists.

Why wouldn’t religious leaders encourage people to vote for God-fearing candidates? We’ve seen what happens when a candidate doesn’t fear God: God’s laws get broken, people are murdered and/or forced out of their religion, etc. In order to have freedom of religion (freedom to find and seek the truth), it is necessary to have someone in office who understands religion.

The communist/atheist Soviet Union banned religion and killed hundreds of millions of Christians. We do not want history to repeat itself. Vote for good candidates who share your worldview. :thumbsup:

I agree with you Stephe! We do not want history to repeat itself and therefore we need to vote for good candidates who share our values and worldview.

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