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I am discerning a vocation within the monastic tradition, but am having a hard time finding something in the united states with young, traditional men. I don’t particularly want to enter a monastery with all older monks. I want a vibrant traditional community. I don’t know where to look. help please!!


I hope you find the right community for yourself.

But I also hope you find one with some older monks as well as younger ones. I find it very inspiring to be around people who have lived their vows for 50 or 60 or more years. Their very lives serve as examples of holiness and perseverance.


…and very young men turn into
old men far quicker than you may imagine…


…and very young men turn into old men far quicker than you may imagine…


If you visit, a ways down the left sidebar you will see a heading that says “vocations”. Underneath are listed several communities, some within the United States, that live according to the traditional rules of life, make use of the Vetus Ordo liturgies and pray the Divine Office in Latin. Clear Creek Abbey is an example - it’s a vibrant Benedictine community in Oklahoma that has many men, both young and old. There’s also the Norbertines of St. Michael’s Abbey in California, the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming, and the Benedictines of St. Louis Abbey. I’m sure there are more out there though.

If the Vetus Ordo isn’t your thing, I should also mention the Cistercians of Our Lady of Dallas. Lots of young men there.


You could try: Carmel of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Cody, Wyoming and St.
Vincent Archabbey,(Benedictine) Latrobe, PA,. Franciscan Missionaries of the Eternal Word, Irondale Alabama, (Mother Angelica’s group). God bless you.


While not monks, look up the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal.They are a relatively new order of Capuchin Franciscans, and they do some pretty awesome work, mainly in New York.


The Trappists (O.C.S.O.) in Piffard, NY have two guys who are under 35 and still in formation, if I remember correctly.

Website here


I was going to jump right in with some suggestions of mine, but then I realized someone had already named all of my ideas :smiley:


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