Communities of nuns notice more women now open to religious life

This is pretty awesome.

I suppose that I shouldn’t be too surprised since I seem to also fit in this category, being open to religious life as my calling.

I think everyone has been doing better at promoting Religious Life and that that has a lot to do with it. I see lots on EWTN; Orders are making better websites, and offering email contact, retreats, etc. They have nun runs out there. I hear about Sisters visiting schools/colleges and making friends with the youth. The witness and friendship really helps people open up to Religious Life. Plus, there are lots of forums out there about vocations.

I haven’t seen a lot of promotion at Parishes, though, but somewhat.

This is good news-I’ve met more than a few young women who were considering or have already entered religious life.

Now I wish the same was done for us ‘older’ women (35 years and up). The communities mentioned in the story (Dominicans of Ann Arbor, Nashville and Summit; Sisters of Life) won’t even LOOK at a woman over 35 years! (I’m in my mid-50s)

I guess it’s because it takes so long in the formation process-six years at least-and that the health of over-35ers is not as robust as the under-35ers. In addition, those over 35 are stereotyped as being ‘too set in their ways’. Mother Angelica said as much one time when an older Catholic woman called her live show many years ago with a question about why ‘older’ women are never considered for religious vocations.

It’s frustrating…seems that ‘older’ faithful Catholic women are left out of the loop where religious vocations are concerned. Not every over-35er Catholic woman is interested in ‘lay ministry’ [whatever the heck THAT is]!

Sorry if I sound like such a downer…it’s just that this is my main beef as a single Catholic woman in her mid-50s, trying to figure out what I’m supposed to do with whatever span of life is left for me…:frowning: :mad:

I forget her name, but that Jewish woman that converted to Catholicism and has been on EWTN, Rosalind Moss, she started an Order that allows women into like their 80’s. You might look into them.

The Visitation Order tends to allow older vocations, too.

Perhaps also the Carmelites for the Aged and Infirm.

The Religious Sisters of Mercy, Alma, Michigan have made exceptions of women in their 40s/50s.

I have known Orders to make exceptions, so it doesn’t hurt to discern and ask.

See here:

There are also Third Orders and Consecrated Virginity.

I know about Rosalind Moss’s proposed community, but she moved to Oklahoma and doesn’t even have a place to call home…yet. And being a ‘street evangelist in religious habit’ doesn’t really appeal to me-I’m quiet, not a ‘hard charger’ like Rosalind is…

I made a retreat at a Visitation monastery in Philadelphia in 1998. I liked the nuns very much, and they were very kind to me in that Salesian ‘gentleness’ they’re known for, but at that time I didn’t feel any ‘tug’ to join them.

Been there, done that with Third Orders-Franciscans and Discalced Carmelites. Left the first one because the fraternity I was with was going off to ‘do their own thing’, and the second I was ‘charitably dismissed’ because those in charge determined I didn’t have a vocation to them, even after being with for six years.

Guess I’m kind of ‘gun shy’ when it comes to groups. And I had a brush with cancer and am crushed with debts with no possibility of repaying them. So I don’t have the physical and mental health that religious orders look for. And they want potential postulants to be ‘debt-free’.

Would love Consecrated Virginity because I’ve always kept myself chaste-but I go to a TLM chapel, and those in charge would think that consecrated virginity is ‘an invention of Vatican II’ (I know that it isn’t-I know better!). Plus, I have no spiritual director, and you need one to ‘qualify and apply’.

So I’m ‘nowhere’… :shrug:

Wow, you are in a tough spot. I give your props for getting out when they were going south! That’s sure no good. :o

I’ll keep you in my prayers.

You don’t have to be a Sister to delve into reading the Saints and learning about contemplative living and contemplative prayer, and holiness. :thumbsup:

You aren’t nowhere. You are right in Jesus and Mary’s hearts. :slight_smile:

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