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Lately I have been thinking of the power of Youtube and Soundcloud and the mobile phone.
I tried an experiment lately and I believe that we as Catholics can spread the way to everyone else.

My solution was to record a mass using your mobile and upload onto Youtube. The following are the steps using free software.

Note: I am using Android.
Note: This is at October 2017.

Step 1: Use app ‘Smart Recorder’ on Android to record the mass. There is an option to skip silence.
Step 2: Upload the recorded file to ‘Sound Cloud’.
Step 3: Convert Sound Cloud File to Youtube using ‘Hypeediit’.
Step 4: In some languages Youtube created automatic transcripts. Post the transcript to a blog or social network.

In this way we can all creare an archive of masses, rosaries, talks etc and we will use the internet for the greater good.


You should always get the permission of priest celebrant and parish pastor before posting a recording of the Mass on the internet.


I only explained the technical details of how it can be done.


There are MANY wonderful homilies that I listen to online. I think if it’s possible and done with permission recording and sharing Masses is wonderful.


True - more than the Videos - it is more the fact that Youtube automatically machine transcribes to text. Fine they are not perfect but an archive of text content will be indexable by search engines,


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