Community Living and the Single Lay State


Hey friends!

Forum newbie here, had a question for my fellow singles. As I look to my future, the idea of living on my own seems rather daunting. Living with others, who share my faith and would offer some level of accountability seems productive.

Does anyone have familiarity with such a situation? Groups of men or women, not ordained/religious, who form communities of prayer and discipleship in their secular occupation.

The single lay state would seem much easier with a few “Catholic roommates” to share it with ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Any thoughts?


I know these exist at some college campuses; I can’t speak to their prevalence beyond, but I imagine they’re out there. I saw an article about this kind of thing becoming a popular trend recently (but for logistical reasons moreso than religious). Google “intentional living communities” maybe.


I was listening to a story on Catholic radio about Servant of God Dorothy Day and her Catholic Worker Movement. She established lay communities, and Catholic worker still has a few hundred houses. So, if social justice is an interest of yours, they are a possibility.


Opus Dei.

That’s what they exist to do. Their charism is living the Gospel in the world by doing well at their lay professions. There are several “grades” of member but one option is to live in a house with other members and take part in community prayer while working in the world.


Isn’t this kind of what Frassatti houses are? A group of single men living in common. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.


Not sure as I’ve never heard of Frassatti houses


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