Commutation of a private vow


I have a doubt concerning the commutation of vows.
If I understood it right, the Canon Law states that a private vow can be commuted by the own person who made it, without authorization from a clerical authority, if it is commuted by another thing of same good. Am I right?
So, how do I know if it is the same good? In my specific case, I would like to commute fasting three days in a row every week for three non-consecutive days. What do you think?


If in doubt, talk to your pastor. He can commute or dispense the vow entirely.

The substitution you suggest seems reasonable.

The person who made the private vow can change the vow if it is bringing disadvantage. I assume you are finding three consecutive days of fasting to be a bit much? If so, changing the vow seems reasonable.

Here is the relevant canon law:


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