Comon Declaration: Pope & Archbishop of Canterbury


Nice sounding words. Does anybody think that there is any meat here?


In the fourth paragraph, yes.


Anglicanus Catholicus


Pardon my pessimism but it would seem to me that if the Catholic church and the Eastern Orthodox churches which have so much in common doctrinally are no closer to reunion now than a hundred years ago it would seem far fetched to believe that the Catholic church and Anglicanism which have so many divisive doctrinal differences would have any chance of union in my lifetime or the lifetimes of my children or grandchildren for that matter. I believe it is much more likely that so many Anglicans will either convert to Catholicism or become so disillusioned as to turn away from Christianity altogether in the next twenty years that Anglicanism as we know it will cease to exist.




As a former Anglican, I thought it was pretty clear.

I used to hope for an eventual reunion but no longer think it can come in an un-doing of a split.

The Episcopal Church USA is now about half it’s former size in numbers. The orthodox or catholic minded people have left, one by one or they simply died. I suspect the number of people in the Episcopal Chruch that want reunion with Rome is now much smaller than in the past.

Eventually there will be more “Anglicans” in the Catholic Church than on the outside.



ISTM that actions in both Churches show there has been genuine convergence since the 1950s - I’m not sure this document can be used as evidence of that; it’s too general.

The series of ARCIC statements, & the Roman responses to them, do seem to suggest there has been some real coming together - as does the existence of various inter-church bodies, not least in the UK: 50 years ago, it would have been almost unimaginable that Catholics would ever be involved in them. It’s important not to be dazzled by the widely reported shenanigans like the approval of the ordination of women in 1994: that’s a fact, so it can’t be ignored - but it’s far from being the only fact. ##


Yes, but if elements of the Anglican Church continue down the road of the ordination of women and practicing homosexuals, as well as other theological and liturgical innovations, is there any real hope of an eventual reconciliation? Yes, I know as Christians, there is always hope, but in my limited mind I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

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