Compact NRSV-CE "Go Anywhere" Bible by Harper-Collins (lots of pics)


Shown is the New Revised Standard Version - Catholic Edition (NRSV-CE) Compact “Go Anywhere” Bible by Harper Collins in bonded leather with sewn binding.

Catholic Douay-Rheims onlyists complaints aside, the NRSV continues to be the most widely used Bible in academia. This post is not an in depth analysis of the pros and cons of the translation. Start your own thread if you feel compelled to complain. Tim’s Catholic Bibles blog has some excellent scholarly analysis and comparisons of various translations worth reading as does Mark D. Given from Missouri State University. I prefer a more readable translation and this is about as good as it gets.

It is always nice when traditionally non-Catholic publishers produce Catholic editions of the Bible. Including the Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation and a picture of the Pope doesn’t make a Bible Catholic and this includes neither. It does however, have all 73 books. Also included is a 32 page concordance and several line drawn maps. Footnotes are extremely sparse. This is not a study Bible but meant to be carried and read.

Parchment paper, lack of footnotes and a larger overall height and width (6.5" x 9.5") all contribute to this Bible’s efficient use of shelf space, occupying less than one inch when stood upright. There is a single brown ribbon and the page edges are more silver than gold. The bonded leather cover feel less like plastic than some others I have seen and the front cover is completely bare.The choice of modern 9pt sans-serif font surprised me and is very easy on the eyes given the large page size.

Overall this is a very nice package given the price. Very thin and light, NRSV lovers who travel a lot should enjoy this Bible. Savvy interwebz shoppers should be able to land it for around $20.




Enjoyed the pics and commentary, which I agree wholeheartedly with. This edition is one of the very few Catholic thinline Bibles on the market. The size is great and would be a fine candidate for a rebinding. I just wish Harper would develop an NRSV-CE with cross-references. Thanks!


A good cross reference is invaluable and lacking in most Bibles. I use the NAB on the USCCB website for the cross reference links alone.

Another excellent thinline is the RSV-CE from Oxford University Press in brown or black zippered Duradera. Yes, it is zippered (yay!) and has a miraculous medal zipper pull. It comes in reasonably-small and super-small. This is my favorite Bible of all time and I have read it cover to cover four times. The synthetic leather feels like lambs skin.

More pics and a brief review at



Interesting. That looks almost identical to the compact RSV-CE from Ignatius Press:


It is identical.

I own the larger version with an Oxford imprint and the smaller version with an Ignatius imprint. You can purchase either size from Oxford or Ignatius.

There is no difference between the Oxford and the Ignatius except the imprint. They are exactly the same product.



I thought maybe I was imagining it. :stuck_out_tongue:


They are the same. If you look at the title page and publisher’s info page at the beginning of the Ignatius version (just after the dedication, presentation and sacramental records pages) it is the Oxford version. Most likely, as Ignatius is using the RSV-CE as the basis for the Study Bible, they bought a license from Oxford to repackage the Oxford RSV-CE with some Ignatius-specific branding.


What to you know, you’re right! I’ve had the Ignatius compact RSV-CE for 10 years and I never noticed that on the copyright page before. :o


Thanks. Just ordered it for $27 with free shipping from Amazon Prime.


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