Compact RSV:CE Oxford brand vs Ignatius Press


Hello All,

I’ve seen some old postings to this form extolling, and critiquing, these compact RSV:CEs with the zipper binding. All the talk got me interested in a copy I bought myself about 10 years ago when I was just getting back into the faith. I thought a zippered copy of the scriptures sounded like an awesome thing I could carry with me all the time.

I’ll confess that I only ever actually read the Gospels from it and then put it on a shelf, bible reading of any kind was a real struggle for me back then. But now I’ve become an avid reader of scripture, and reading the back and forth on this forum got me interested in dusting this copy off and taking another look at it for some of it’s unique features, like the idea that the NT is actually the second version of the RSV from 1971 with Catholic updates, done perhaps without proper clearance.

I’ve also seen it stated on this forum that the Ignatius branded, zipper bound copy, is pretty much the same as the zipper bound Oxford branded copy. I’ve linked both below to be clear which editions I’m talking about:

Ignatius -

Oxford -

I know that between the covers these two editions are said to be more or less the exact same product, but I can’t help but notice how much larger the Oxford edition seems to be. I’m wondering if that extra size makes the Oxford edition any easier to read? I see the website lists them both at 6 point font, but even just wider spacing and intelligent use of margins could help make the reading experience smoother, even if it’s the same font size.

Just wondering if anyone who as seen or handled these copies, or perhaps even owns both, could give a yea or nay to the increased readability of the Oxford branded RSV:CE?

And before anyone asks, yes I also own and love the Douay Rheims, got the Baronius Press edition on my shelf, and a really sweet 1952 Douay-Confraternity coming in the mail next week! Super excited! :smiley:


I had the Ignatius one. The print was to small for me to read, and I’m 22 years of age.


me too, I’m 67 :eek:


I’m wondering myself, I just ordered the Ignatius version. I’d like to know in case
it proves a difficult read.


i’m not far behind: 62.

Your location’s interesting, better than being under the weather! Alcohol’s no good for us older types. :shrug:
Enceladus is off the planet, though! :eek:
So, if he has difficulty reading, it’s his fault.

The pages on my two Ignatius RSV:CE Bible translations allow the print on the other side to be partly visible. It doesn’t help contrast.
Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your copy will be the same.

In my own case, reading glasses would sort it out, but i’m too stubborn to go the sensible way.


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