Companies to boycott


First off I didnt know where to put this so if its in the wrong place please move it. I looked and saw that Bank of America is on the boycott list. I have had Bank of America for years and didnt know this. Do I need to change banks?


You know what, you do what you can. It is unrealistic to believe you can avoid every entity that is morally offensive.

I have participated in boycotts in the past, always writing a letter to the company letting them know why I was leaving/not buying, etc. Typically I have focused on local companies I can influence, but I did boycott Target until they changed their giving policies and I also boycotted American Girl (my niece has some) until they disassociated with a pro-abortion organization.

You do not “need” to change banks. It is your decision. You could certainly write to them and voice your opinion that they should not give to PP.


I know, it seems like it’s almost impossible to do the right thing here. If you boycott one business you might be patronizing another that is worse. I guess this is where you just try to do what’s in front of you.


I don’t boycott any companies. I go with what suits my budget and do my banking based on lowest cost checking.


I noticed your link also listed eBay. So, I’m going to not use the services of a whole bunch of little businesses because what is in effect the virtual mall support PP, even if that little business is very pro-life? No.


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