Company health care plan covers abortion


Hi All,

I discovered last week that my company’s health care plan covers abortion. This is not mentioned in any document that members have access to, but with all the recent news I thought I better call the insurance company and find out for sure.

I was shocked at the answer. I went to HR, who was pro-abortion but civil. She said that they might be able to get me a waiver to get out of the plan.

The main issue as I see it is that regardless of whether I am given a waiver or not, my work there will be continuing to subsidize abortions because my employer pays most of the health care premiums.

I have worked there a long time and of course don’t want to leave. Simply obtaining abortion-free healthcare may be difficult. None of the plans on our state exchange are completely abortion-free. I believe I can get a family plan outside of the exchange, but often the companies that offer them also offer other plans that cover abortion.

There are good coops, but they don’t cover some of my wife’s health conditions.

If I decide to interview for a new job, I will have to provide some explanation for why I am leaving. I can be pretty vague in my answer, but would that be the right thing to do? Then there is the problem of finding out whether the new company also subsidizes abortions, before I am hired.

Somehow I think that I am going to have to make a leap of faith on this one, without having it all figured out beforehand.

It is possible that HR is the only person (among the company leadership) who knew of this. It is possible that they could offer to drop the abortion coverage at the next opportunity (June). If they did this, would this be a good reason to stay? I am tempted to think as Jonah did, and simply walk away and hope that God will make an example of them! But I think we have to hope for conversion for them. I’m just not sure what that would look like.

Any comments? Overnight the options for a conscientious Christian are evaporating, with hardly anyone noticing! People have been focused on the HHS mandate, but even if that is declared unconstitutional, it will mean nothing if there are no companies offering good plans.



Since you have no choice in picking your health plan, I do not believe you sin in working for this company, and being covered by the insurance.

Virtually any insurance plan a corporation has is going to cover something orthodox Catholics view as wrong, e.g. IVF, contraception, abortion, benefits for unmarried partners, etc.

If you are given a choice of plans, pick the one that covers the fewest objectionable things.

There is no way you are required to quit your job over this. The next company will probably be just as bad, and you’ll harm yourself and family with no good being done.

God Bless


I do have a choice though - I can work for someone else. I can find an option that is less morally objectionable. It just may not be easy.

Wouldn’t it be a sin therefore to have a choice and not exercise it? Especially in this case, where abortion coverage is not an abstract principle. What I try to remind myself to do is to picture an abortion when thinking of it. If I make a deliberate choice to subsidize abortions, how will I face the victims when the time comes? Would not that trump all other concerns?


You will find almost NO employer group plan that doesn’t cover abortion and contraception, and most also cover fertility treatments such as IVF unless you are working directly for the Catholic Church-- and even that is in jeopardy which is why it is in the court system right now.

You are under no obligation to reject health insurance nor to quit your job. The Church does not teach that you must do so.

You pay your premiums and you use your health care services in a moral way. That is all that is asked.


If your dear wife has pre existing health issues, then common sense tells you to take advantage of the best insurance you are offered. IMHO her health comes before making religious/political statements. I’ll pray you find peace with this issue.


As Ike says, unless you work directly for the Church, every plan will cover something objectionable. We can’t all work for the Church.

Morally, there is nothing you need to do except to follow the teachings of the Church yourself.

God Bless


Thanks all for the comments. What I am wrestling with is this: would we have the same opinion, if we lived in Nazi Germany, and the victim of our choice was going to be the child who lives next door? That I think is how to we have to weigh it. An abortion is not a thing, it is a person.


your not required to quit,the Church doesn’t require would be heroic virtue ,which is required for Sainthood :shrug:


It is sad that somebody such as yourself are in a position where you have to question whether you should quit rather than work for a company that has insurance that covers abortion. Nobody should have to be put in the position that you are. Society should uphold the sancity of life.


While I admire your conviction and do understand your desire to be free of any participation with an organization that at the very least condones abortion, I do not believe remaining with your current employer makes you complicit as would doing nothing to protect your Jewish neighbor had you lived in Nazi Germany. If you had the choice to stay in Germany and help facilitate in the rescue of Jews and others who were Nazi targets, you would not be considered complicit in remaining in your native land. If you remained there and ignored the plight of those in danger then you would be culpable. In your employment situation, you are in a certain way complicit in their contribution to the evil of abortion by providing the work they need to produce the revenues that provide these evil “health care” services. But as others suggested, there is really no where else to retreat unless you are self employed or worked for a Catholic or Christian organization or the Church itself. Even if there was a suitable alternative employer, perhaps you have a responsibility to at least try to eliminate the abortion coverage. As you said, perhaps the owners or management were not even aware of or strongly supportive of this feature of their benefits program. Perhaps there are other Catholics, other Christians, even conservative Jews and even some atheists or pagans working with you who also oppose abortion and would support your efforts to eliminate this coverage. Im probably wearing rose colored glasses, but you dont know until you investigate. But I do think if you dont attempt to change the situation, just leaving your employer could be like the citizen of Nazi Germany who simply left the country when they actually had a chance to protect their Jewish neighbors. Perhaps you have the chance to save the life of the unborn child of one of your work colleagues. What do you think??


Well, it’s not your choice. You are doing nothing to facilitate any abortion.

You just happen to be covered by the same plan that would pay for an abortion. That is a very remote connection.

If you quit, nothing will change.

God Bless


tony ,do you have a family depending on your income ?


I think there may be some misperceptions about medical insurance. The premiums for my wife and I are about $1200 per month, or $14,400 per year. If my wife and I do not use that much in medical benefits, then a portion of those premiums are used to pay for abortions. If any of my coworkers had an abortion that year, then I helped to pay for it.

So I think it is more than just being covered. It is not just a remote connection. We are paying for my coworker’s abortions, just as if they had asked me personally for money to pay for an abortion and I had opened my wallet and handed them cash -

Now the employer pays a portion of the premium. But I’m not sure that changes the picture at all.


Yes. That is a concern. However we are not going to be destitute, no matter what we decide to do. It may come to that for Catholics at some point, but we are not there yet.

At worst it will be a large inconvenience, and it will require some financial sacrifices.


I think that may be the real point - we are required to be be saints. Everyone who is in heaven is a saint. None of us will enter heaven until we are a saint. I don’t want to depend on purgatory to do what I could have done here. I don’t want to plan on purgatory. That is not surrender to Christ, I think. Who wants to spend a long time in purgatory, when we could have entered heaven right away? Not me!

So what I ask continually is: what would a saint do in this case? If I really have surrendered my will to Christ, as I claim to do in my prayers (or as I ask Christ to help me do), what would I do? Maybe this is an answer to my prayer?

The cost, for now, is inconvenience, financial sacrifice, and some risk. Aside from what one would say the Church requires, is this what my family is called to do?


Perhaps to be canonized, but I doubt tony will be denied the hope of the beatific vision that all are offered by God, without canonization. God makes saints, even of those not formally recognized by the church:shrug:


Again, you are not choosing this insurance. Your employer is choosing it.

I’m sure some of my tax money goes to fund immoral activities; that doesn’t mean I should stop paying taxes, or stop earning money so I won’t be taxed.

I think you are imposing an unnecessary burden on yourself, one the Church does not call you to take upon yourself.

Speak to your pastor, I’m sure he will tell you what we have.

God Bless


I have never had the option of having a job with insurance that did not cover birth-control or abortions. If we as Catholic’s want to be that purist in following our Faith we would have to quit working for just about every agency and company out there. Will the Church give you a job or help you with bills?

I have left several jobs because of similar moral issues. As a result I have not been able to establish what most would call a “substantial career path” and I am dirt poor. Not one time was I able to work for the Church, despite leaders of the Church knowing of the price I paid for sticking up for Her.

The only hospital you might be able to work for would be Catholic. The only nursing home you could work for would be Catholic. You can’t (based on your post) work for someplace like “The March of Dimes” in any capacity because you would be supporting an organization that allows for "theraputic aportions, birthcontrol, as part of eliminating birth defects and genetic counseling.

Has anyone ever thought of how many jobs we really could not hold in this country or the world if we all truly lived our faith in total purity? You shouldn’t be a cop, as you might have to kill someone, etc…


That is true, but I did choose my employer. It’s not quite the same situation with taxes, where there is no choice, short of moving to another country, and Christ’s example seems to clearly say that is not asked of us. He also clearly says that we are not called to refuse to pay taxes.

This is different. I can’t help feeling that if even a small number of us held our employers accountable, we would not be in this situation. My changing employers will cost my company a small fortune. If even a small number of us did that, none of them would cover abortions.

But we are not holding our employers accountable. We are not even telling them that we don’t like the situation. Given that, why would they not pay for abortions, when the other side is fighting so hard for them?


You can clearly express your displeasure with he policy, and join with like minded employees to protest. That’s completely appropriate.

And, if you find another job wit a company that doesn’t cover abortion, by all means take it.

But, you have no obligation to just up and quit in protest. No more than we are obliged to emigrate to a country where abortion is illegal.

God Bless

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