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I just started a new job and I am not sure how to view the fact that the company health plan (Unicare) pays for contraceptives and “emergency contraception”. Oral contraceptives can be abortifacient. So far, I can not tell if the plan pays for abortions (does anyone else know about Unicare?)

I would never use any of these immoral things but I seek to know if it is moral for a Catholic to participate in such health plans. I have a family and I very much need the work and the health coverage.

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Well I do hope so. I think that it is fine to work for companies that offer this in there health care programs.

Its is truely next to impossible not contribute to the “Culture of Death”, even our tax $s are used for those things.


You are not a material participant in the use of these things so I would think you are not sinning. It might be a noble statement to not accept the health plan but I would think your family would have to come first.

I am glad I don’t have that worry. I probably will someday.



Jernosh and James,

I propose a Catholic health plan the does not cover immoral activities. In the meantime, I accept that we have little choice if we wish to cover our families and I thank you very much your responses.



My workplace offers health care from five different providers. We chose the only one that provides coverage for prescription contraceptives, but all the other ones provided some form of assistance for voluntary abortion, with Blue Cross/Blue Shield covering 90% of the cost of a voluntary abortion (but not contraceptives…???). Our plan does not cover ANY part of voluntary abortion and we feel it is by far the lesser of two evils. At least this way we’re not paying money into a plan that pays for other women to have abortions.



Congratulations on your new job. I’m happy to hear that you’re having to handle such things as what to do about the health plan you’ve been offered.

On that point, I concur, that you are not materially participating in the evil they cover, so the sin does not fall to you. I like that you are consciencious about this and I like your suggestion regarding a Catholic Health Plan. I don’t know if such a plan would be allowed to serve the residents of California. Companies are required to cover such things in the plans they offer (hence the recently lost lawsuit brought by Catholic Charities). I don’t know if a company can meet the state requirements by simply having one insurance option cover the minimum mandated by the State or is each plan is required to make such coverage available.


I like your thinking, in the way you used Abortion as the primary criteria when selecting insurance. I trust God will protect you well for the beauty of your decision.

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As long as you don’t participate in activities that you consider immoral, I don’t think you need to fret about the health plan and how others are utilizing it.


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