Comparative Religion text book for 11th/12th grade


I am a Catholic school religion teacher and I am looking for an apologetics text book for 11th/12th grade high school students. I am also looking for a text for Catholic Social Teaching and Comparative Religion for the same grade level. Any input would be helpful.


As far as apologetics goes, the Beginning Apologetics booklets are useful for this. They’re easy to read, but provide the basics. I’ve used them for Adult Confirmandi’s and to homeschool my high-schooler. There is even a supplementary study guide with questions and suggestions for further reading:

Hope that helps.


I don’t know if this is exactly the book you are looking for, but this one is by Scott Hahn, it is one of a series of books in “The Didache Series.”
Understanding the Scriptures - A Complete Course on Bible Study

Here are the other books in the series.

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