Compare Benedictine Daily Prayer

Compare the Benedictine Daily Prayer to Christian Prayer…is one translation better…is one’s content better…especially any meditation material…thanks

I’m not too sure what you mean by “meditation material”.

However, in my opinion, the hymns are better, as the traditional Office hymns were translated from the Latin, following the original meters, so they could be sung to their original melodies.

Christian Prayer is an authorized 1 volume edition of the Liturgy of the Hours. When one uses it, he is certainly participating in the Church’s official prayer.

The question for Benedictine Daily prayer would be this: Is it an “officially” authorized version of the Liturgy of the Hours, or merely a daily prayer ‘system’ that is based on the LotH.

I myself do not know the answer, but I would say that in any case I would want to be using a version that had the official approval indicating that it is really the Church’s liturgy.


Benedictines, and I assume other orders as well, have an indult to use their own version of the LOTH. When I pray with the sisters at the monestary they have a different Office, more psalms per hour, they don’t always say the doxology after each psalm, and they can use different readings. It is absolutly approved by the Church for their use.

BDP is a simplification (mostly in Vigils/Office of Readings) of the office used by St. John’s Abbey.

If the whole is approved (which it is), it would seem that the part is approved as well.

The Psalter use for Lauds through Compline is EXACTLY that of the Rule of St. Benedict.

I really appreciate all the input on this…thank you all

Out of curiosity I searched by title on Amazon, and found a listing for “Daily Benedictine Prayer” edited by one Maxwell E. Johnson, a Benedictine oblate who happens to be an ordained Lutheran (ELCA) minister.

Is this the volume in question, or is there another?

Looking through the comments on Amazon, there are serious concerns on the translation (inclusive language, unapproved by Rome) as well as a commentary on the Rule of St. Benedict by a certain Sr. Joan Chittester.

Again, is this a different book than the one the OP is asking about?

yes…that is the book I am speaking of…by the way Mr.
Johnson is a professor at the University of Notre Dame…

Sounds gross. I wouldn’t touch it.

Looking through the comments on Amazon, there are serious concerns on the translation (inclusive language, unapproved by Rome) as well as a commentary on the Rule of St. Benedict by a certain Sr. Joan Chittester.

There are no comments on the RSB in BDP by Sr. Joan or anybody else.

In 1975 or so, Liturgical Press published an interesting version of their famous Short Breviary called BOOK OF PRAYER, which was based on the revised Liturgy of the Hours. From my few examinations of it, it seemed to be a useful and well arranged book, and actually better than Christian Prayer or the English LOH (again principally in the hymns).

It received an Imprimatur and was printed–and then the Imprimatur was withdrawn and printing destroyed (except for a few copies).

I have a feeling that the Lutheran minster under whose name BDP is published is basically fronting for a new edition of BoP

In any case, even though I’m Eastern, I have a copy of it, and it’s MUCH more traditional than either CP or the current English LoH.

One disturbing aspect of Benedictine Daily Prayer is that it bowdlerizes the Psalms. I realize this is a practice in some monasteries, but perhaps the disturbing parts are in the Psalms for a divine reason, so I am uncomfortable about omitting parts.

For example, Psalm 137 - its the one which begins “By the rivers of Babylon” and is about the captivity of Jews in Babylon. Benedictine Daily Prayer omits the last line of the psalm, which says “Happy those who seize your children and smash them against a rock.” No doubt the psalm is easier on one’s emotions without that line, but removing it leaves me uneasy. It smacks of the ancient practice of scribes changing text they disagreed with when they copied a book.

The Liturgy of the Hours leaves that out as well.

As does the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


And here was me thinking that the quality of one’s prayer depended on the disposition of one’s heart. :o

That’s good. The one on Amazon sounded pretty bad.

I’m sorry but everything I have read I take very seriously…but Fergal by far is the closest to my thinking…I do not pretend to know near as much about the political correctness of a publication
as many here do…my purpose in asking about this book was to
find out if it’s use would help me get closer to God…thank you

True perhaps, but if Holy Mother Church gives us good fare, why would we want to go with food prepared by those who think they must “improve” upon it, particularly if they are known to be in dissent from Church teachings, such as Sr. Chittester (not judging her soul, but simply, objectively pointing to her own published works).

Remember, the LotH is the prayer of the Church. It is objectively superior to personal prayer. To enter into the prayer of the Church most perfectly, we need to use the actual prayer of the Church, not a substitute, even if it is based on the LotH.

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