Comparing and Contrasting Beliefs?


I was under the impression that alternate viewpoints on various faiths was welcome here. At least that is what the subject header states. I have noticed more politeness given to our practioner of Wicca, than has been shown to me.

Yes, I am a former Catholic. Do I hate catholics? No! I do have serious questions and thoughts regarding Catholicism. I was hoping that the participants in this forum would have been more respectful of a viewpoint that was different from theirs. I have been attacked and accused of heresy and blasphemy. While some of the participants vigorously defend their faith, I in turn, am not being given even minimal respect in the defense of mine.

Is it possible for a former Catholic, to fully participate in a friendly, stimulating discussion with Catholics on various subjects of belief, without fear of misplaced reprisal? :confused:


When someone asks my religion I just say Christian. It is the truth and I don’t like to cut Christianity up. We are all one through God and through being his followers. Breaking ourselves up is leading to fights among churches and peoples. Take for example the Islamic religion. Everything they got came from Gabriel. He of course is one of the Archangels and possibly a Seraphim that stands before god’s throne. They believe in one god just as the christians, and yet we break ourselves from each other. We are one in the same God. Everyone has a different belief but all christian beliefs fall under God. Once again, We are all the same and we shouldn’t judge by different ideas of faith.

(pretty good for a 14 year old, lol)


For a 14 year old, you are pretty insightful. Thank you for your input, you are so right.


Absolutely! Real discussion is what this all about. Attacks are not. Does it happen? Unfotunately, yes. Inevitably the issues get worked out or the abusers are shown the door.

There have been times that I have been agressive, but I have never been on suspension or banned. When I’m told about it I back down.

This is christian practice. Admit when your wrong and then repent. :slight_smile:



**[FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=3]I was hoping that the participants in this forum would have been more respectful of a viewpoint that was different from theirs. I have been attacked and accused of heresy and blasphemy. While some of the participants vigorously defend their faith, I in turn, am not being given even minimal respect in the defense of mine.[/size]


I haven’t read all of your posts. Could you point out one or two of them that you think are offending?



Good thing you’re not a Catholic, because what you are describing is the heresy of “religious indifference”.


Of course, it should be possible. Unfortunately, some zealots on this forum are uncharitable and downright ugly (by the way, a zealot is not a bad thing, just the ugly ones). It’s obvious to me you’re in search of truth.

Part of the problem is that people tend to be more rude and crude when typing as opposed to saying anything to your face. As soon as someone says something that gets your dander up, some do what they’d never do in person - get abrasive and insulting.

So many people are so quick to rip into you if they don’t agree with you. When I read that sort thing I always wonder how many non-Catholics are reading this and saying “see how ugly those pagans are!”

"We must love them both–those whose opinions we share and those whose opinions we reject. For both have labored in the search for truth, and both have helped us in the finding of it."
Saint Thomas Aquinas


Here is Steel Arrow’s first post on this forum… it went down hill from here. the link it to the thread.


The Philosopher Descartes once said ‘Whatever country you live in, it is best to follow the customs and laws of that country, so you may have peace.’ I think his wisdom applies to anyone going to an online forum; there are always certain rules, and Catholic or not, I don’t think one should stir up people with over-provoactive material which is clearly going to be offensive to them. A blatant example would be to pose a question such as ‘Why do Catholics worship Mary as God’ or ‘The Pope is the Anti-Christ’ and so on. Clearly one may strongly disagree with the beliefs of other people, but that is no excuse to show no compassion or charity towards them and their way of life (provided of course their way of life is not greviously harming people, such as terrorism for example).


if respondents here criticized your statements or claims which were in fact heretical and blasphemous, they were perfectly within their rights. they should offer that criticism as personal opinion unless and until they back it up with authorotative Church sources for their claims. If they attacked you personally, calling you a heretic and blasphemer, that is another matter, and forbidden by forum rules. this is not a forum where people may make any claim about any teaching of any religion and assert its validity without challenge. we may present them, but nobody here has the right to assert he is speaking with authority.


Thanks, Bel - I’ll peruse that thread to see wassup.

BTW - I posted a response on that particular thread and await patiently a return response.

In Christ,


Steel Arrow’s first post was of the type you mention… it was accusing Catholics of using pagan parctices in our worship… saying that we got them from teh pagans of Rome. It would be wise for him to reword such questions in the future to remove what is a basic accussation of hersey towards Catholics.


I asked a sincere question. I asked without malice in my heart. You are very quick to judge. I have seen other respondents who proudly acclaim that they will speak their mind when and how the might. I’m sure you kow who you are. Now I come forward with questions, looking for real answers, and this is how you treat someone who believes differently from you. I stated in another post elsewhere, that I’m not a theologian. Are you or any of the other participants on this forum, a theologian? I seem to have run into a whole host of biblical experts. :bowdown:


Or maybe, muslims claim to have gotten all their stuff from the Archangel Gabriel, and really have no clue. Why would God, who desires His Church to be one, send out messangers with many different messengers? JESVS CHRIST taught one thing (I and the Father are One) and islam teaches another (JESVS was just a normal prophet). What you are saying about all this “oneness” junk is a false heresy, a pitiful deviation from the truth.

(pretty ROTTEN for a 14 year old, I’m not laughing)


Your question was worded as such:

Isn’t it true, that the Catholic Church copied the idea of statues from the pagans as holy examples of individuals who lived before them? And didn’t the pagans use incense in their worship, similar to what the Catholics do at Mass?

You filled your “question” with accusations, notice the “isnt it true” part…reading it, your wording suggests that you know what you are about to say is true, you are simply trying to trap the reader in his words.


You are too suspicious. I’m tryin to find out if what I had been told is a fact or not. If it isn’t a fact, please cite for me examples. You are reading too much in what I write. :shrug:


No, what you have been told is not true. You can, entirely on your own, verify it insofar as Catholic belief and doctrine is concerned. Have a Bible handy as well as the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Those are definitive and authorative. If you have questions about something encountered therein, why there are any number of good Catholics who can help you along with understanding.

Insofar as the questions you brought forward, phrased in a different way, they would be valid questions to dispel myths or biased readings you may have encountered. However, the manner in which they were asked – in legal terms – are called leading the witness. True, we do not have your facial expression, tone of sincerity to go by, etc. That’s why online posting is chancy and you should try to always phrase things politely and non-threateningly/insultingly.


Check out the Holy Scripture and Holy Tradition because your answer is there, check out the Catechism of the Catholic Church and Catholic Answers because the cite the Scriptures and Tradition and give you your answer, check the thread you started because the people there cite the Scriptures, Tradition, the Catechism, and Catholic answers to give you an answer. You aren’t reading enough into what we write. :shrug:


You have the appearance of a troll. That is why we are reluctant to engage you. The question that you proposed was a “Have you stopped beating your wife?” question", a question that you already had your foregone answer to.


What thin skin you have. Don’t you realize people who post questions like this are simply ignorant of the truth? C’mon, man, you come to CA as often as you do and this forum is FOR this sort of thing, so why are you so offended? With all the stuff I read on this forum from non-Catholics you must walk around pretty pissed all the time.

Of course, there’s another possible motive for him putting his question as he did. He’s trying to bait someone like you and sure enuf, you bit. Now he can go tell his non-Catholic friends how ugly we Catholics are.

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