Comparisons between Legion of Mary and The Knights of Columbus

I believe the Orthodox and Lutherans also have saints.

The Orthodox do have a lot of saints, but many of them are also Catholic saints and I also don’t associated Orthodox with the words “other Christian churches”. Technically, they re indeed Christian, but “other Christian churches” to me usually means Protestants.

I thought the Lutherans confined themselves to saints who were in Scripture. If I’m incorrect, somebody correct me.

Yes, the Lutherans have a calendar of saints.

Dear 7_Sprrows,

Yes do read the book! Servant of God, Frank Duff whose cause for sainthhod proceeds and continues to advance, wrote about his experience in reading St. Louis de Montfort’s “True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin”. It really was his Inspriation for fouding the Legion of Mary. You can read his article on this experience HERE.(

I hope you were able to watch Fr. Miller’s presentation on EWTN last night. I’m going to write a little bit about the miniseries in my post on CAF today. It was a good series and I’m happy very happy that he gave it. Pope St. John Paul II also wrote that his readin of “True Devotion” as a young man was a “turning point in his life.” This Pope certainly “lived” his total Consecration to Jesus through Mary. Thanks for your continuing love for those Two Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

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