Compelling interview with Jeff Kuhner

This is not an article, but I was able to find the audio on a 'news source'. I hope this is acceptable to the moderators.

I was recently told that Mr. Percy Sutton's testimony regarding Al-Mansours contributions to Obamas Harvard education/Campaign is irrelevant, because Sutton is deceased, can not elaborate on his claims, theres no proof, etc...

Well, this guy is still alive...and he has proof

"The reporters in the audience were stunned and silent. They tried to trip up Sinclair, but he silenced them when he offered his cell phone records as proof that he met Obama late one night just like he said."

Here is the audio:

Part 1

Part 2

I'd like to make a warning of some sort that what they are talking about, its very mature...but what should be made out of all this?

IMHO, I dont know...wether to believe him or not, but the guy who interviews him seems to pose some pretty good questions. Why hasnt this been investigated, and deemed a lie, if it is? Why hasnt he been sued? I mean, this is some pretty *slanderous *stuff here he's not accusing Obama of stealing lunch money...

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