Compendium on the Eucharist

:tiphat: Hi, Any info. on the English edition of the above 2009 Vatican publication? It’s been a long five years.:yawn:

Not in English yet to my knowledge. Since it makes use of the Roman Missal within the text - likely that slowed things up. Now that the Missal Translation is decided upon - it could be done in time -but do not know what now goes into doing an official translation of the rest.

Thanks Bookcat
Mmmmm:hmmm: I wonder if it will be further held up until the conclusion of the Synod on the Family and possibly revised, pending the outcome of the debate regarding DRM’s receiving Holy Communion later this year. Hopefully not, on both counts.:gopray2:

FYI this is now on the UCCCB website in English. 24.95

Many thanks!

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