Compiling a list of modern-day Catholic Apologists & Authors

Hi all, I am trying to compile a list of relatively well known modern-day (i.e. no Early Church Fathers ;)) Catholic Apologists who are also authors.

I have so far:

Dr. Scott Hahn & Mrs Kimberly Hahn
Tim Staples
Stephen K Ray
Patrick Madrid
Karl Keating
Father Oscar Lukefahr, O.P.
Henry G Graham
Mark P Shea
Jimmy Akin
Dave Armstrong
Marcus Grodi
G.K. Chesterton

I would also like to keep this list down to people who are relatively well known and sometimes do speaking tours (this isn’t 100% necessary) but also make Catholic Apologetics their full time job (or close).

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Another thing, if they have a website, be sure and post it.

Semper Fi:

Here’s some to add to your list. What a powerhouse all-star list you have!

Archbishop Fulton Sheen
Hilare Belloc
Dr. Peter Kreeft
Christopher West (Theology of the Body)
JRR Tolkien via fiction
Fr. John Corapi
Fr. Mitch Pacwa
Fr. Benedict Groeschel
John Paul II

in XT.

Fr Pavone of Priests for Life
Patrick OReilly of the Cardinal Newman Society

John Martignoni- Great Website
Jesse Romero- Bilingual

God Bless

Here are some websites off the top of my head for people mentioned previously

Steve Ray
Jimmy Akin
Dave Armstrong
Karl Keating (this is easy)
Peter Kreeft

Frank Sheed
Fr. William Most
Fr. John A. Harden
Fr. William P. Saunders

Here are some reading lists that may have other authors.

Karl Keating

Robert Klaus

There’s that one Australian guy…Matthew Kelly, I think.

I could also reccomend a GREAT authour, but, she’s not so well known. Oh, what the heck, EVERY book by Dr. Monica Migliorino Miller is GREAT!!!

Mark Shea attends the same parish as I do, and I see him and his kids all the time (his son went as St. Francis for the parish’s All Saints Day feast). I’ll be sure to let him know you included him in the same list as G.K. Chesterton; I bet he’ll blush :stuck_out_tongue:

Robert Sungenis.

Mark Wyattl

I have Dr. Miller for my theology classes at Madonna University in Orchard Lake, MI. She is incredible in class!!! I love her classes!!!

Pope Benedict XVI?

What about Jacques Maritain? Or was he strictly a philosopher?

Why does everyone always forget Rosalind Moss? She’s a Jewish convert via Evangelical Protestantism, and speaks to the heart like no other apologist I know. Her talks on “Mary, our Jewish Mother” and “The Passover Fulfilled” are excellent!

You have already posted some of them, but the CA apologists are:
J. Akin
J. Burnham
M. D’Ambrosio
J. Evert
R. Guarendi
C. King
P. Lenahan
R. Moss
M. Shea
T. Staples

Jerry Usher

Michelle Arnold
Fr. Vincent Serpa
Jim Blackburn
Peggy Frye
Karl Keating
…I think that’s all of them, but I may have missed one or two…

God Bless,

Although he is not technically an apologist, the Catholic writer and artist, Michael O’Brien, is a fine defender of Catholic culture.

Fr.Larry Richards is absolutely awesome as well. Check out his homilys at His homilys are life changing.

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