Compiling the Canon

I am currently reading a book on the cononocity of the Deuterocanonical books and I was wondering how the church come down with the canon in general. Both new and old Testament. I know some books, like the Letter of Clement, was considered canon in some places for a short while, while there was question about Revelation. Does anyone know of any good books about this in general? Thanks and God bless.

The Canon of Scripture
By: F.F. Bruce

F.F. Bruce is a Protestant. I would recommend this book:

Why Catholic Bible’s Are Bigger
by Gary Michuta

**Full disclosure: **Michuta is a Catholic.:slight_smile:

I am actually reading that but, it only talks about the deuterocanonical books. I was hoping someone knew of a book that talked about establishment of the rest of the canon as well.

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