Complaining Prophet?



Can you help me find a Scripture that someone once told me about? The person told me about the time the prophet Jeremiah (I think? see more below) told God, “I’m tired of being your prophet!” and God replied, “OK. Go ahead and tell the people whatever you want.” at which Jeremiah went ahead and prophesied what God had told him to anyway.

The main point this person was trying to make was “God has ultimate control over our lives” if I understood rightly.

However, I can’t find this story in the Book of Jeremiah. The closest thing I see is around Chapter 20, with the famous “You duped me, O Lord…” part, but that doesn’t seem to me to have the same ingredients as what this person was telling me.

Could it be that this story is not about Jeremiah but some other prophet?



I’m not sure where that is but there are examples of many prophets who whined a lot about what God was asking them to do. But in the end they bent their will to God and did his bidding. Kind of like the rest of in our daily lives when we resist doing what is right because we are afraid of being criticized or it is just too darn inconvenient. Like Moses and Jonah for instance. God wanted them to trust Him and step out in faith.


Elijah in 1 (or 3) Kings 19, perhaps? Or Jonah 4?


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