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I’m complaining that I stopped following the conversation.

Pain is an old friend.

Especially emotional pain

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I am complaining that a toddler keeps messing with the computer.

Better than messing on your computer


Oh no, she does that too. I’m not sure how she learned about 5.5% APR financing, but, whatever

At near 80, my mother still doesn’t have much grey, and i seem to be following her pattern.

However, my beard didn’t hear about this . . . and developed a blonde patch (maybe my wife’s hair from the pillows. Yeah, that’s it) on one side of my nose, along with other places.

And, well, God bless mothers, she had to snip that it makes it look like my nose is running. I lack the vanity, inclination, and motivation to dye it in general, but every time I saw myself in the mirror . . . so I actually got a little tube of that goo. It also got used when I looked lopsided . . .

All in all, I figure that the more grey in the beard, the higher the hourly rate I can charge.

And I’ve reached the age, err, beard-blonde, where I get more gravitas in the beard and a western shirt than a suit anyway . . .

You are warped (says the guy with the same immediate reaction . . .)

picture of keyboard in diapers or it didn’t happen!

what a horrible rate these days, at least for a house.

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What did you say

I can’t get the leaf off my nose

CA Forums Shutting Down
No commentary needed.


I’m complaining that there are too many threads about CAF closing. They should create a new Category for those.


No commentary needed, but plenty of drunk crying gifs needed. :sob:

French grammar is easy in comparison with Hungarian.

Just about EVERYTHING is easy compared to Hungarian.

Amazon keeps delivering packages to us that are not ours, and have no name on them, just our address. Then I have to stay on hold for a billion hours just to have them tell me not to send it back. I guess I will give them to Goodwill? It’s just a minor problem, but that’s what this thread is for right?

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Send an email instead of calling and being put on hold.

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someone created an account with your address and is buying his own stuff to create reviews as a “verified” purchaser . . .

I’m complaining that the sudden change in weather (because South Carolina exists) is messing with my sinuses.

Don’t worry, because you live in the south, there will be a 30 degree difference in temperatures, in either direction, in the next few days.

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